How old is Machine Gun Kelly?

32 years (April 22, 1990)
Machine Gun Kelly / Age

What happened to Machine Gun Kelly’s parents?

Kelly was raised by his father, who died in July 2020. “T’ve never felt a pain this deep in my life,” he said at the time. But last year, MGK shocked fans when he shared that he and his mom had reunited after all those years apart.

How tall is MGK?

1.92 m
Machine Gun Kelly / Height

How long was MGK jailed?

He was arrested in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1928, for smuggling liquor onto a Native American Reservation, and sentenced to three years at Leavenworth Penitentiary, Kansas, beginning February 11, 1928.

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What has MGK gone to jail for?

“Just spent my entire night in a f*cking Florida jail,” Machine Gun Kelly tweeted after being arrested — and shortly released — for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

How did MGK get big?

In October, the Rage Pack mixtape, inspired by his energy on stage and a love for his fans, hit the web. A video for MGK’s single “Wild Boy” featuring Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame and produced by GB Hitz followed, leading MGK to win MTV’s Hottest Breakthrough MC for 2011.

Who was MGK crush?

Back in 2013, the musician — who was 23 at the time — sat down with Fuse for an interview where he was asked about his first celebrity crush, except he decided to ignore the prompt and talk about his current obsession, who just so happened to be a then 17-year-old Jenner.

Does MGK have a felony?

MGK has had a lot of brushes with ruin, starting with felony charges he says he faced at age 14, for crimes he won’t specify, though one song suggests he shot up a car in a jealous rage. “I will never forget my dad’s face when I was in that courtroom,” he says.

What did MGK do to his head?

During his appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Machine Gun Kelly spoke about smashing a champagne flute into his forehead at a concert after-party in NYC. Machine Gun Kelly just went from “bloody valentine” to a bloody injury.

Why is MGK not allowed on Shade 45?

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According to MGK, Eminem’s Shade 45 radio station will not allow him to appear on its programs. Kelly believes one of his old tweets about Slim Shady’s teenage daughter being “hot” led to him being banned by the company.

How did MGK cut himself?

The self-sustained injury happened when Kelly broke a champagne flute over his head, cutting his face near his right eye. Needless to say, the accident was avoidable. “You know when you clink a champagne glass with a fork? Yeah, I didn’t have a fork,” Kelly said.

Why did MGK get a red line tattoo on his neck?

The rapper showed off his latest tattoo on Instagram on Tuesday, a red vertical line made to look like his neck is slit. MGK also shared video of himself getting the realistic-looking tattoo. “Hey, if anyone ever liked my neck, it’s gonna look different,” he says with a smile. He captioned his post, “bye bye neck.

Where did MGK stab himself?

Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, said he threw the knife up toward the ceiling in front of Fox, but when he tried to catch it, it went through his hand.

What does MGK suffer from?

While Machine Gun Kelly (real name Colson Baker) sees the light at the end of the tunnel, his journey has not been easy in getting here. At a young age, Machine Gun Kelly struggled with heroin addiction and obsessive suicidal thoughts.

Why did MGK smash his face?

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kelly’s wound could still be seen above his eyebrow during the interview. Kelly explained to Meyers, 48, that he was unable to get peoples’ attention by clinking a fork against the glass, so decided to smash it on his head instead.

Will MGK ever rap again?

Machine Gun Kelly will be making a return to rap for his next album. In a recent interview with Audacy, the self-proclaimed “music archaeologist” revealed that the project will be for himself.

Is MGK vegan?

Kelly’s new range—which is marketed as genderless—is vegan, cruelty-free, 9-free, and features 10 different shades, including green Mary Jane (on brand), jet black Depressionist, hot pink Party Favor, and Slippery When Wet, which is likely named after Bon Jovi’s 1980s album of the same title.

Did MGK put gun in his mouth?

Machine Gun Kelly once put a loaded shotgun in his mouth while on the phone with his now-fiancée, Megan Fox. The singer’s new Hulu documentary, Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink, details a dark night in July 2020 shortly after his father died on the one-year anniversary of his Hotel Diablo album release.

Is MGK tongue permanent?

The artist arrived on the red carpet with a completely black tongue, which left some people wondering if it was a permanent tattoo — especially given Kelly’s affinity for body ink. But, as it turns out, it was just the result of some black paint.

Why did MGK break a glass?

Machine Gun Kelly has broken another wine glass on his face. During the Cleveland date of his Mainstream Sellout Tour over the weekend, Machine Gun Kelly drank a glass of red wine as he told fans that security at the venue, FirstEnergy Stadium, was threatening to cut his set short due to a strict curfew.

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