Why is my Whirlpool washer not dispensing detergent?

The dispenser may be clogged if your additives do not release into the wash. A clogged dispenser can block the flow of water through the dispenser. Remove the dispenser, by pressing the release lever and rinse leftover detergent or additives that could clog the flow of water through the dispenser.

How do I turn on the detergent dispenser on my Whirlpool washer?

Why isn’t the detergent dissolving in my washing machine?

Too much detergent

Using too much washing powder can lead to a build-up in the pipe between the drawer and the drum. Over time, this can cause a blockage, so the contents of your detergent drawer have nowhere to go. As a result, you’ll find powder and pooling water left in the drawer.

How do you reset the sensor on a Whirlpool washing machine?

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Do Whirlpool washers have a reset button?

Follow these steps to reset a Whirlpool washing machine: Make sure the power to the washer is turned on at the wall, but keep the Power button on the control off. Hold the Program button down while simultaneously pressing the Water Level button two times. When done correctly, the control panel lights should illuminate.

What are the most common problems on a Whirlpool washing machine?

Here are seven of the most common problems on a Whirlpool washing machine and potential fixes for them.
  • Washer Making Unusual Noises.
  • Washer Won’t Start.
  • Washer Lid Won’t Lock.
  • LD Error Code Appears.
  • Washer Leaves Deposits on Dark Clothes.
  • Washer Has a Burned Plastic Odor.
  • Rust Spots Appear on Washer Lid.

How do I reset my washing machine sensor?

Why does my Whirlpool keep saying sensing?

If the water level seems too low, or if the washer does not fill completely, auto-sensing helps stabilize the amount of water used. The washer senses the size of the load and adds the correct amount of water for the load size. You may notice during a cycle that the wash load is not completely submerged in water.

How do you reset your sensors?

To reset a sensor, turn the device over and look for the circle on the back labeled “RESET” (See photo below). Insert a paperclip or other thin wire through the label to make a hole, and depress the reset button. You’ll feel it ‘click’ when it is depressed. The sensor will reset and rejoin the network.

How do you force a washing machine to reset?

If you see no change, you can try a Master Reset. This will reset all of the onboard componentry and is often successfully used by appliance technicians. Open and close the door of the washing machine 6 times within 12 seconds. Then, run the rinse/spin cycle without clothing to see if your problems are resolved.

Does unplugging a washer reset it?

On a machine without a reset button, unplugging the washer and then plugging it back in often serves as the means to reset it. Although not usually a button, programmable washing machines might have a reset function or position to clear a program problem.

How do I reset my top loader washing machine?

Motor Reset Procedure:
  1. Unplug the washer for 1 minute from the electrical outlet.
  2. Plug the washer back in and lift and lower the lid 6 times within a 12 second period. You have 30 seconds to start lifting and lowering the lid.
  3. The motor has now been reset and is ready for you to start a cycle.

Why is my washing machine not spinning and emptying?

The drainage is poor

Normally, your washing machine won’t go into a spin cycle until it’s been drained. The drainage hose may become clogged with debris from your clothing, or it could be kinked. If the hose is kinked or crushed, it will likely need to be replaced.

Why is my Whirlpool washer not draining or spinning?

Drain Hose is Blocked or Kinked

Drain hose kinks or blockages are often responsible for a Whirlpool washer not draining. If the hose is jostled or pushed too closely against the wall a kink can form and restrict the flow of water. Sometimes, the hose can be gently straightened to remove the kink.

How do I know if my washer drain hose is clogged?

Start by running your washer through a drain cycle. Observe the washing machine as it pumps water into the hoses and up into the standpipe. If you see water back up and out of the standpipe, your washer’s drain is most likely the issue.

Why are my clothes still wet after spinning?

Why are the clothes still wet? Well, this issue is either caused by the load not being able to spin fast enough or water not being able to drain, so it ends up back in the tub resoaking the clothes. If you are lucky, adjusting the washing load or changing detergents will solve the problem.

Why is my laundry soaking wet?

The most likely culprit for a washer that spins but still turns out soaked clothing is a drain hose problem. It could be clogged, kinked, or even positioned incorrectly if you had to remove the drain tube to make another repair already.

Why is my blanket soaking wet in washer?

An Underpowered Spin

Unfortunately, if your washer has an underpowered spin, your items may not be spun fast enough to eliminate all the excess water. If you unload your washer and the items are soaking wet, yet there is no standing water in the machine, this is the most likely culprit.

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