What is a coin trap on a washing machine?

The coin trap is a plastic tray with holes in it that lets water go to the drain but catches coins and other small items before they can come in contact with the drain impeller. Other models of washers will have a rectangular lower panel that spans the entire width of the front panel below the washer door.

How do I remove coins from my LG washing machine?

If your washer has a coin trap, you will see a small, square panel near the floor on the front or side of the machine. Open the door and remove the trap by turning it counterclockwise and pulling. The contents of the trap may surprise you. Remove them.

Where is the coin trap on a top loading washing machine?

In models without an access door, the coin trap is found deeper in the drainage system by the drain pump. There may be a lower access panel or one on the top of your water, but usually, you will need to remove shell of your washer in order to reach it.

Where is the coin trap on my GE washer?

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Do all washers have a coin trap?

Empty the Coin Trap

Many (but not all) washers have a coin trap that catches lost objects like pocket change, jewelry, keys, and lost chapsticks. Your washer’s coin trap will likely have a small hatch or panel that opens to reveal the damp treasure retrieved over the last few months.

Where is the coin trap located?

Expose the Drain’s Coin Trap

Locate the lower panel below the washer door. Some washers have a small door in the lower right or left corner of the front panel to access the coin trap. That’s a plastic tray with holes in it that catches coins and other small items before they contact the drain impeller.

How do you clean the trap on a GE washing machine?

Where is the trap on a washing machine?

There is essentially a little trap door located on the body on the front of the washer. If you open this up, it allows you to check the drain trap. You may need to remove a screw to open it or simply pry it open. Regardless of which, you will likely need a screwdriver handy.

How do you unjam a coin slot on a washing machine?

Place a block of wood against the washer close to the slide. Tap the block sharply with a hammer. With luck, the vibration you create will loosen the stuck coin. The wooden block will protect the washer’s paint.

How do you unclog a GE washing machine pump?

How do I know if my washing machine pump is clogged?

What to Look Out For. The number one sign of a clogged drain affecting your washing machine is finding water inside the unit after the washing cycle is complete. During the cycle, water is flooded into the chamber of the machine, mixing in with the detergent to clean your clothing.

How do I know if my washing machine drain pump is clogged?

Remove the drain hose by unscrewing the clamps holding it to the pump outlet. Look for blockages inside the hose, says Family Handyman. If you don’t see any, the pump may be blocked or faulty. To check it, you have to disconnect the belt connecting it to the drive motor.

How do I know if my drain pump is clogged?

A common complaint is that the water in the washing machine drum will not drain, or that the washing machine has stopped mid-cycle with it still full of water. Another common issue is that the washing machine drum will not spin, or it won’t drain properly.

Will a blocked drain unblock itself?

In some cases, drains can unblock themselves depending on the nature of the blockage. For example, if your drain has become blocked due to tree root ingress, it will not be able to unblock itself (and require an engineer to conduct a CCTV drain survey to assess the problem and identify a solution).

How do I know if my LG washing machine drain pump is bad?

Check for the following signs of a faulty drain pump:
  1. There is no noise from the pump when you run a wash cycle.
  2. There is a noise, but it is a loud, unusual sucking or grinding sound.
  3. There is no problem draining the washer manually and no obstructions in the drain hose or filter.

How do I test my LG washer drain pump?

Test the drain pump.
  1. Press POWER to turn the washer ON.
  2. Press the SPIN SPEED key until HIGH is selected.
  3. Press the START/PAUSE button to start the SPIN ONLY cycle.
  4. Listen to hear a humming sound which indicates that the drain pump motor has started working.

How do I force my LG washer to drain?

For LG front load washers, turn the unit on and without touching the selector dial move to the spin speed selection button. Next, press the button until you see your desired spin speed highlighted. Then press the Start button. The unit will drain any excess water before it spins.

How long does LG washer drain pump last?

A common problem with LG washers is that they will not drain because of a faulty drain pump. The drain pump usually becomes defective after 4-6 years.

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