Is there an app to read golf greens?

Putt Line is a brand new golf app that promises something that every golfer is looking for: it reads your putts on every green for just about any course you could think of playing. Sounds too good to be true…but it is. Putt Line, a new golf app for both Apple and Android, can now read your putts. Honest.

How do you read a putting green in golf?

Is sure putt green reader legal?

There are apps you can download on your phone that you can use or you can buy an electronic device like the BreakMaster Digital Green Reader ($109 on or the Sure Putt Golf Putting Aid ($30), which is just a level designed for golf course greens. None of these types of devices are legal for play, of course.

What is a green reading tool?


The BreakMaster Digital Green Reader is a precision electronic device that accurately locates the downhill direction (or break direction) of the green, measures the precise angle of slope (the amount or severity of the break) and provides a full readout of both on its LCD screen.

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Why do golfers hold up fingers when putting?

Close one eye and hold up two fingers just outside the right edge of the hole. The AimPoint putting technique instructs you to aim at the spot just right of your outside finger. If you hit a solid putt on this line, with the correct speed, it should drop in the hole!

Why do golfers stand over their putting line?

Usually this leeway is used to repair inconsistencies in the green, but for the purposes of ‘AimPoint,’ the player is encouraged to stand on or straddle the line in order to determine which way the putt will break, in addition to deciphering how severe the slope is.

What are green reading books?

Unlike those once-controversial literary classics, the green-reading books helped players to detect the directions that putts break and the percentage of slope in different sections of greens. The ban became official on January 1 and goes into effect Thursday at this week’s Sentry Tournament of Champions.

How do caddies read greens?

What is the AimPoint method of reading greens?

Put three fingers up with your pointer finger just outside the hole on the right (assuming your putt breaks to the left). In this case, your ring finger will be the aim point. Then just line up your ball at the aim point and roll it at that spot.

What makes a green receptive?

A receptive green is one that allows the spin of the ball to determine its motion moreso than its momentum. A “slippery” green is one that the ball just bounces off of because spin is less influential than momentum.

Why do you Verticut greens?

Vertical mowing is a maintenance practice periodically performed on greens to accomplish the following objectives: Remove excessive leaf growth that contributes to puffy, spongy surface conditions. Improve mowing quality and surface smoothness. Cut laterally growing stolons and promote an upright growth habit.

How often do golf courses roll greens?

Some superintendents choose to roll in conjunction with regular mowing, often rolling two to four times, or more, per week. Conversely, some superintendents choose to alternate between mowing and rolling to reduce plant stress during hot temperatures or periods of slow growth.

How do you make super fast greens?

6 keys to putting ultra-fast greens, according to a Top 100
  1. Always warm up before you play.
  2. Keep your stroke short.
  3. Putt to a target short of the cup.
  4. Even size, rhythm and grip pressure.
  5. Choke down on your putter.
  6. Increase the amount of break you play.

Can greens be too fast?

A green speed that is perfect for one course could be way too fast for a course down the road that has steeper green contours or golfers with different skill levels. There are simply too many variables involved to make reasonable comparisons.

Do golfers prefer fast greens?

In conclusion, fast greens (or at least greens golfers consider to be fast) are more difficult for the average golfer. They pose a greater challenge for distance control, leading to more 3- and 4-putts.

Do putts break more on fast or slow greens?

Fast greens break more than slow greens

“There’s more than one way to get it close to the hole, and remember that putting it close—while giving your putt a chance to go in—is your main priority.”

Are heavier putters better for fast greens?

Consider a heavier putter on faster greens. Several putters on the market now have adjustable weight technology that allows you to add or take weight away from the putter head. A heavier putter head will help you slow down your stroke, which will be needed on fast greens.

How fast is 13 on the Stimpmeter?

A stimp rating of 13 or 14 is considered lightning-fast. Most PGA Tour venues have green speeds of around 12.

Why do I miss very short putts?

Follow through the ball, forcing yourself to not decelerate as you impact the ball. So many short putts are missed because they were hit too soft, breaking just before the cup to the left or right. Hitting a short putt with confidence and normal putting stroke will increase your make percent at an alarming rate.

Which hand should be dominant when putting?

For a right-handed golfer, the right hand provides the power and the feel in the putting stroke, the left hand merely ‘goes along for the ride’. But the left hand must do that in order to keep the putter-head low through impact and not pull ‘up and out’ of the shot.

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