Why put a cat fuel filter on a Duramax?

The benefit of the CAT fuel filter is simple: better filtration. While the factory filter is good for particles between 5 and 10 microns (depending on who you ask), the CAT unit filters down to 2 microns. The CAT filter also works as a water trap, though it doesn’t have a drain or sensor as the factory filter does.

Why put a lift pump on a Duramax?

Does Fass bypass factory fuel filter?

Description. Once you’ve installed an aftermarket Fuel Filtration System such as our FASS Titanium Series, the use of the factory fuel filter is no longer required and can be removed.

Does a Duramax have a factory lift pump?

The GMC and Chevy Duramax pick-up trucks do NOT have a lift pump to supply fuel to the engine. From the factory, the CP3 injection pump is the truck’s only means of getting fuel from the tank to the engine.

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What year Duramax has fuel pump problems?

GM intentionally put a defectively designed CP4 fuel pump in every one of its 2011-2016 Duramax diesel trucks—and, as the court noted today, from mile one it will begin to fail. There is no fix.

What year Duramax has the CP3 pump?

The CP3 was a stalwart performer in 6.6-liter Duramax diesels from 2001 to 2010, and it’s been the heart of Cummins 5.9-liter and 6.7-liter engines since 2003.

Does an LML have a factory lift pump?

The LML Duramax doesn’t have a factory lift pump. Luckily, the addition of an aftermarket electric lift pump can help ensure that positive pressure (and no air) is supplied to the low-pressure side of the CP4. 2—and can be installed relatively affordably.

Do all diesels have a lift pump?

Virtually every diesel has a lift pump of some sort, from the old mechanical injection systems, to Ford’s HEUI system, to newer common-rail rigs. Even engines like GM’s Duramax actually use a factory lift pump built inside the engine’s high-pressure CP3 pump to draw fuel from the tank.

What trucks come with a factory lift?

Examples of Factory-Lifted Trucks
  • 2022 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 – Lift Height: 1.9 inches over the standard Colorado 4×4 Crew Cab.
  • 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor – Lift Height: 2.6 inches (35-inch tires) over the standard F-150.
  • 2022 Ford Ranger Tremor – Lift Height: 0.8 inches over the standard Ranger.

Does a 2010 Duramax have a lift pump?

2001-2010 GM Duramax trucks don’t come with a factory lift pump like other diesels. This requires the CP3 injection pump to draw fuel under a vacuum, adding additional stress to the CP3 Pump and risking introducing additional air into your fuel.

Do I need a lift pump on a stock Duramax?

If your Duramax is bone stock, chances are it will drive OK for a while without a lift pump. The problems start when you increase the horsepower output of the engine, since more horsepower is made by injecting more fuel.

Do lift pumps add horsepower?

What year did Duramax stop using CP4 pump?

The CP4 was standard equipment on the 2011-present Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. From 2011-2016 GM also used the CP4 in the LML & LGH Duramax engines, switching to the Denso HP4 in 2017 when the L5P was released.

How likely is CP4 failure?

The Cause of the CP4 Failures: Lack of Lubricity in the Fuel

The Bosch CP4 fuel pump has an unusually high failure rate in the U.S., upwards of 7%, when compared to 1% failure rate in Europe.

What does a CP4 bypass kit do?

1 6.7L Power Stroke CP4 Bypass Kit features all quick connect lines that will eliminate the need for cutting the factory supply line, which is a debris introduction point, especially if the cut is not thoroughly deburred. It also eliminates the need to use a compression fitting, which is a potential leak point.

How common is CP4 fuel pump failure?

Epic Fails

While supplying high-pressure fuel is an injection pump’s job, the CP4 does so with a high probability of failing (typically around the 100,000-mile mark) and leaving owners with a need to overhaul their truck’s entire fuel system, at a cost that can be anywhere between $8,000 and $10,000.

How do you know if your CP4 pump is going out?

Is there a recall on CP4 pump?

FCA has issued a widespread recall of the infamous CP4 injection pump, utilized on the 2019-2020 Ram 2500 and 3500 with the 6.7 Cummins diesel engine. Unfortunately, they don’t have parts available to FIX the trucks!

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