What voltage is the Sur-Ron headlight?

Even though the Sur Ron uses a 60V battery it has a voltage converter that reduces the power to 12 volts for the headlight. Comes with Sur Ron style connector to replace factory headlight for plug and play installation. Brightness modes range from 80 lumens to an ULTRA bright 3200 lumens.

How many lumens is the Sur-Ron light?

Brightness modes range from 80 lumens to an ULTRA bright 3200 lumens. The Ultra 3200 incorporates Cree 5000K LEDs to give riders the best depth perception and visibility. When Luna Cycle started offering the Sur Ron we thought our small light with it’s huge power output was a great fit.

What is a sur Ron light bee?

Part dirt bike.

With 6 kW of electric power, up to 100 km of cruising range, a top speed of 46 mph and a curb weight of just 56 kg, the Surron Light Bee X is premium electric technology available today.

How fast does a sur Ron light bee go?

Aimed at youth to adult, with a climbing ability of over 45° it offers hours of near silent fun with a range of 20 to 60 miles per charge, depending on mode. Top speed 45 mph +, Fast Re Charge 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

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Can you ride a Sur Ron in the rain?

Like all bikes, the Surron is weatherproof, however, when washing or cleaning your Surron DO NOT use a pressure washer or any high-pressure cleaning systems, as these can damage electrical connections and force water past important seals.

How fast is a 72v Sur Ron?

Aimed at youth to adult, with a climbing ability of over 45° it offers hours of near-silent fun with a range of 20 to 60 miles per charge, depending on the model. Top speed 45 mph +, Fast Re-Charge 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

What is the fastest Surron?

Sur Ron Storm Bee specs

The top speed of the forged-aluminum framed bike will reach 68 mph (110 km/h).

How fast does a sur Ron charge?

You can charge the battery in the bike or easily remove within 15 seconds to allow charging away from the bike. Low noise, full charging time is 3 hours at any domestic plug.

How can I make my sur Ron faster?

Can you ride a sur Ron at 14?

Essentially, there are two set of rules, depending on the sort of electric bike you want to ride. If you’re 14 or over, you can ride an ‘electrically assisted pedal cycle’ without the need for registration, tax or insurance. It must have pedals, and its motor should not propel the bike once it hits speeds of 15.5mph.

How long does a Sur-Ron last?

Sur-Ron claims battery life will last 20-60 miles per charge but, of course, that all depends on what mode you ride it in and how aggressively you twist the throttle. The Sur-Ron’s suspension is surprisingly good.

How many miles does Sur-Ron last?

When sport mode is engaged and your race face comes out, aggressive runs on the trails and enduro circuits will give you a range up to 40km (25 miles) on a full charge. Sur-Ron PCSM Hi Power Motor with Regen energy recovery system Our dynamic motor has been designed for optimal power delivery and instant responsetime.

Can you pedal a Sur-Ron?

Everything you need to switch your Sur-Ron MX to a working pedal system. A simple install that takes around an hour, this kit includes crank arms, pedals, chain, and bottom bracket with 28T chainring.

Do Sur Ron need a licence?

Certificates Road Legal: Yes Electric moped (L1e) which requires the appropriate licence registration, insurance and road tax (currently free on electric vehicles) with a top speed of 30MPH.

Why is my sur Ron slow?

If your Bike came with the factory street/slow mode, just look for the green/black wire under the black sheath and crimp or solder both ends together (or twist them together if you can’t wait!) If your bike was bought after May 2019 then: It’s the opposite, cutting the green/black wire will make you bike fast again!

Do you have to insure a sur Ron bike?

Yes, just as their fuel-powered equivalents need to be insured to be road-legal, so do electric mopeds and scooters.

Do Sur-Ron have trackers?

The bike also comes equipped with a factory fitted GPS tracker – features include real time tracking, theft alerts, geo fence security zones & the ability to track your Sur-Ron bike from your phone and/or computer.

Can you ride an electric bike if banned from driving?

If you are a disqualified driver an electric bike could be an ideal mode of transport for commuting to and from work, a great alternative to public transport and costly taxi cabs. An electric bike can be pedalled like a normal bike or if you prefer, you can use the electronic motor to do the hard work for you!

How much weight can a Sur-Ron carry?

Maximum Load Weight 300 LBS
Max Torque 184.3 FT / LBS
Climbing Ability > 45 Degrees
Front Axle Distribution 53 LBS
Rear Axle Distribution 57 LBS

How many miles does a Sur Ron battery last?

Looking at the range, Sur Ron advertises a range of up to 40 miles, but it’s dependent on how you ride, the weight, and the type of terrain you ride on.

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