What thread is a 5/16 bolt?

AN5 bolts have 5/16-24 UNF threads and a 5/16″ diameter shank. All sizes of AN5 bolts have a 0.531 inch thread length, regardless of grip length. This thread length has been designed specifically to accommodate a full-height nut and one AN960-516 washer.

What size is coarse thread?

National Coarse Thread Sizes (UNC/UNRC)
National Coarse Thread Sizes (UNC/UNRC) Measured in Inches
Nominal Size Major Diameter Minor Diameter
5/8 0.625 0.527
3/4 0.750 0.642
7/8 0.875 0.755

What size is a 5/16 hex head?

Hex Cap Screws (ASME B18.2.1-1996)
Nominal or Basic Product Diameter L
1/4 0.2500 0.750
5/16 0.3125 0.875
3/8 0.3750 1.000

How many TPI is coarse thread?

To determine which of these is coarse thread and which is fine, simply take the TPI number (the 20 and the 28) and compare. Remember a coarse thread means the threads are bigger so less will be able to fit within an inch so the 20 means the fastener is coarse thread and the 28 means the fastener is a fine thread.

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How can you tell if a thread is coarse or fine?

To be classified as coarse, the threading must be deep set and wide. On the other hand, fine threaded fasteners will have narrower, shallow ridges and a smaller pitch, with a higher number of threads per axial distance than coarse threaded bolts. Each type has its own advantages and distinct uses.

How do I know if my thread is fine or coarse?

This is typically measured in threads per inch (TPI). A higher value TPI indicates a smaller thread pitch. A fastener with a fine thread equates to a fastener with a high TPI value. In contrast, a coarse thread fastener equates to a fastener with a low TPI value.

Is 1.5 thread pitch fine or coarse?

The thread pitch is the distance between each thread in mm. For example, an M10x1. 5 (coarse) thread has a 1.5mm pitch, while an M10x1. 25 (fine) thread has a 1.25mm pitch.

What threads are 16 TPI?

16-UN – Unified Extra Fine Thread, which is used for special purposes. The flank angle is 60°.

What is 18 TPI for cutting?

Blades 12-18 TPI are typically used for metal and denser materials as well as finish cuts in wood. The 18-24 TPI range is almost always used for metal cutting. Pro Tip: Always keep 3 teeth in contact with the material being cut.

What is the thread depth for 32 TPI?


What does 75% depth of thread mean?

Increasing Thread Depth

With 75% of thread in steel, the engagement of one half the diameter of the fastener will withstand a shearing stress of 150,000 pounds per square inch. Cast iron requires one diameter and brass one and a quarter times the diameter.

How do I know what thread size I need?

Is thread pitch the same as TPI?

TPI is a numerical representation of the number of threads in every inch of length along a screw. The thread pitch is a measurement of the distance between two thread peaks. Thread pitch is used when measuring or referring to metric parts.

What is the most common thread pitch?

Coarse Thread Series (UNC/UNRC) is the most common designation for general application bolts and nuts. Coarse thread is beneficial, because they are less likely to cross thread, more tolerant in adverse conditions and facilitate quick assembly.

What is the easiest way to identify TPI?

Measuring Imperial Thread Pitch

As the name suggests, TPI is measured by counting the number of thread peaks along a 1 inch length. The TPI measurement is then often affixed to the diameter of the thread to form a common imperial thread size, e.g. ‘1/4-20’, which would denote a ¼ inch diameter, and 20 threads per inch.

What thread pitch is a gun barrel?

Many older rifles from the first half of the 20th century use a thread pitch around 2 mm (12.7 TPI), while many modern rifle use thread pitches around 1.5 mm (16.93 TPI). Fine threaded systems intended for hand tightening typically use thread pitches around 1 mm (25.4 TPI).

Can I thread my own gun barrel?

If you’ve got some mechanical knowledge and a DIY spirit, it’s absolutely possible to thread a gun barrel by yourself. Of course, if you screw things up, it’s completely on you.

What thread pitch is 5.56 barrel?

By Caliber
22LR / Rimfire 1/2-28 *
5.56mm / .223 1/2-28 * (AR-15) 9/16-24 LH (FN2000/FNC) 9/16-24 RH (ACC556, Mini-14) M13x1 LH (Steyr Aug) M13x1 RH (Galil) M15x1 RH (HK)

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