What Mag does SIG MPX use?

The SIG SAUER enhanced factory MPX 35-round 9mm magazine combines the best of metal and polymer designs. It features metal feed-lips for enhanced durability and a robust yet lightweight polymer body for shape retention.

Are kydex mag pouches good?

Kydex magazine carriers are incredibly useful as well as versatile when used properly. The biggest benefit to Kydex carriers is being able to secure the magazine without adding a lot of bulk. Since the Kydex is molded around a specific magazine type, it’ll be a snug fit but offers adjustable retention.

Which is better leather or kydex?

It really comes down to personal preference which is better. Kydex holsters come out on top when it comes to retention and reholstering. Leather holsters take the crown when it comes to comfort and style.

What mag pouches do the military use?

The HSGI Taco magazine pouch is among the most popular and commonly-recommended options for many members of the U.S. military.

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Which is better KYDEX or polymer?

WHAT’S STRONGER, KYDEX OR POLYMER? Both are strong and durable. You can get Kydex sheets with different thicknesses. Injection Molded Polymer allows the manufacturer to customize the thickness and print to specific and different measurements within the holster.

How durable is KYDEX?

KYDEX® sheet has good impact strength and is less likely to chip, crack or break than GRP (glass reinforced plastic) commonly referred to as fiberglass. It is abrasion and scratch resistant due to color throughout the sheet thickness, making it a better option than painted metal.

What thickness KYDEX is best?

The thickness of the Kydex, Holstex or Boltaron used to build a holster plays a major role in the strength of the holster. The most popular thickness of Kydex material (from our experience) is . 080. This is a great thickness with good flexibility and enough rigidity to make the retention a snap.

How long do KYDEX holsters last?

A Kydex holster can last you a lifetime with proper cleaning and care, whereas a leather holster may last 5-10 years with regular wear.

Should you store a pistol in a leather holster?

The short answer is – Don’t store your gun in your holster. Even though Tucker Gunleather uses Hermann Oak veg. tanned leather that’s PH balanced for gun contact, we do not recommend long term storage of a side arm in a holster, especially if you did not purchase the holster from Tucker Gunleather.

Is KYDEX just plastic?

KYDEX is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials manufactured by a company called Sekisui SPI who also own the ALLEN Thermoplastics brand. KYDEX is a world renowned brand name, with its uses spanning a huge range of industries, for a wide variety of uses.

At what temperature does KYDEX soften?

182 – 196°C (360 – 385°F) for 1.50mm – 3.20mm (0.060” to 0.125”).

Does Super Glue Work on KYDEX?

Cyanoacrylate adhesives (e.g.“Super Glue”), such as Henkel’s S1000 Power Series (contact Henkel in the US at 1.800. 934.9401 or on the web at www.henkel.com), yield very high joint strength for bonding KYDEX® sheet to itself or to other materials.

Is KYDEX toxic when heated?

In addition, Kydex® and other PVC-based plastics can be used safely in many products. However, Anatomical Concept’s position, based on publicly available, sound evidence, is that this material can be harmful when used in specific medical devices and adjusted with heat.

Can KYDEX be reheated and reformed?

KYDEX® sheet can be wrapped around the knife/gun like a common leather sheath/holster or be made into two pieces. An area that is stress whitened may be reheated to bring the color back into the sheath being formed.

What temperature do you bend KYDEX at?

Optimum forming temperature range for KYDEX® sheets is 365-400ºF (depending on the thickness of material).

Can I put KYDEX in my oven?

Cycle times will vary depending on the oven conditions and grade of KYDEX® sheet being formed. When forming KYDEX® sheet, it is better to rely on the sheet appearance during heating than on fixed cycle times. Forming temperatures – Guidelines: (Sheet should not exceed 204°C (400°F).

Can you store a knife in a KYDEX sheath?

Kydex sheaths are not okay to store blades in long term. It’s true that Kydex sheaths are more “breathable” than a leather sheath and less likely to trap moisture, but the fact remains that they will block moisture from escaping and will form condensation on the inside surface of the sheath.

Should knives be stored blade up or down?

To keep the sharp edge on the blade when storing, house your knives so the edge of each blade is facing up. When knives are stored with the edge facing downward, the edge has to slide along the bottom of the slot as the knife is housed, dulling the blade.

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