What is the Spanish verb for to cry?

Llorar – to cry, weep, lament.

What is word of cry?

1 wail, keen, moan. 2 sob, bawl, whimper. 3 yowl, bawl, clamor, vociferate, exclaim, ejaculate, scream.

What does cries in Spanish mean?

llorar – to cry, to weep, to mourn, to bewail. grito – shout, scream, cry. llanto – crying, weeping.

What is Cuándo?

Cuando or its question form, cuándo, is the Spanish word used most often for “when.” It can be used as an interrogative pronoun, subordinating conjunction, or preposition.

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What is poquito poquito?

Adverb. poquito. Diminutive of poco (“very little, not much”)

What means Tresor?

Noun. trésor m (plural trésors) treasure (valuables) Le pirate a enterré son trésor. ― The pirate buried his treasure.

What is the difference between Cuándo and Cuando?

Remember: Cuándo = when = “at what moment in time” (interrogative and exclamative adverb) Cuando = when (relative adverb)

What does Jefita mean in Spanish slang?

Jefita/Jefito – mother/father. La Jura – the law.

What do Quién mean?

quién → who, whom.

What does trabajo mean in Spanish slang?

Definition of trabajo in the Spanish dictionary

Another meaning of work in the dictionary is paid employment. Work is also work.

Is Papi Chulo offensive?

Attitudes toward the term papi chulo are mixed among Latinx Americans, given chulo’s history as a derogatory, racialized term in American English.

What’s Mami Chula mean?

Chula is often seen in the phrase mami chula, a Spanish form of “hot mama” for a sexy woman. Its male counterpart is papi chulo, for a “ladies’ man.” In the late 1990s and early 2000s, chula and mami chula appeared in the the lyrics of songs by a number of prominent Latino rappers, including Christopher Rios.

What does Chulo mean in Spain?


In Spain it means something very beautiful, cool or fashionable like clothes, songs “ Que ropa más chula llevas hoy” / Your clothes are so cool. You can also use it as a single expression. “ ¡Ay que chulo ! “ / Aw that’s so cool.

What does Boca Chula mean?

boca chula. feminine noun. 1. ( colloquial) (general) beautiful mouth.

Is Mami Chula offensive?

But it’s definitely also sexual. When a guy calls you “chula,” I’m like, yes, please. At the same time, it does carry some negative connotations, like when you walk down the street and a guy calls you, “Mami chula.” That’s offensive.

What is a Chico Malo?

English Translation. bad boy. More meanings for chico malo. bad guy.

What is Mas Malo?

Although the flame-red finish and pepper graphic are relevant clues, the Mas Malo (“More Bad”) is actually named after one of Fulltone founder—and spicy food fanatic—Michael Fuller’s favorite Mexican restaurants. Not surprisingly, the pedal is one scorching machine that delivers white-hot fuzz tones.

What is Chica and Chico?

Niño or niña, muchacho or muchacha, and chico or chica are the most common words used in Spanish to refer to children.

What is the Malo?

ˈmälō plural -s. : a loincloth that is now worn by Hawaiian men only on ceremonial occasions compare maro.

What is full Malo?

“Malo” is winemaker’s lingo for malolactic fermentation (also abbreviated in written form as MLF). Wines that “do their malo” are wines that go through a malolactic fermentation. This process takes place right after the primary alcoholic fermentation, when yeasts convert grape sugar into alcohol.

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