What is the quotient of 80 divided by 5?

If 80 is divided by 5, then the answer obtained is 16. In this, the divisor is and the quotient is .

What is the quotient of 85 5?

From the above calculation, we can say that on dividing -85 by 5 we have -17 as the quotient and 0 as the remainder. Therefore the required answer is -17. Note: We can also solve the above problem with an alternative method i.e.

How do you do 100 divided by 5?

5 goes into 0, 0 times, so the second digit in your answer is 0. Therefore, 100/5 = 20.

How do you explain 40 divided by 5?

40 divided by 5 is equal to 8.

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What is the remainder when 35 is divided by 7?

Complete step by step solution:

We know that the number 35 appears in the 7 table. Therefore, 35 divided by 7 gives 5, as 7 multiplied by 5 is 35. Therefore, we get the final answer of the question, what is 35 divided by -7 is -5.

What is 40 divided by 3 long?

Answer and Explanation:

40 divided by 3 is equal to the repeating decimal 13.33333. . . or the exact number 13 1/3.

How do you explain how do you divide?

Division is breaking a number up into an equal number of parts. Example: 20 divided by 4 = ? If you take 20 things and put them into four equal sized groups, there will be 5 things in each group.

How do you describe dividing?

What is Division in Math? Division is the opposite of multiplication. If 3 groups of 4 make 12 in multiplication, 12 divided into 3 equal groups give 4 in each group in division. The main goal of dividing is to see how many equal groups are formed or how many are in each group when sharing fairly.

What is the result of 40 by 5?

Using a calculator, if you typed in 40 divided by 5, you’d get 8. You could also express 40/5 as a mixed fraction: 8 0/5. If you look at the mixed fraction 8 0/5, you’ll see that the numerator is the same as the remainder (0), the denominator is our original divisor (5), and the whole number is our final answer (8).

How do you explain division of fractions?

What does division of fractions mean? The division of fractions means dividing a fraction into further equal parts. For example, If you have three-fourth of a pizza left and you divided each slice into 2 parts you would get a total of six slices but this would represent six-eighths of the total pizza.

What is 1/3 as a decimal?


How do you divide fractions without a calculator?

How do you solve mixed fractions?

Step 1: Convert the mixed number into an improper fraction. Step 2: Rewrite the whole number as a fraction with the denominator 1. Step 3: Multiply two fractions by multiplying the numerators and denominators separately. Step 4: Convert it into simplified form if required.

How do you subtract improper fractions?

How do you divide a fraction by a whole number?

How do you multiply improper fractions?

What is 3 2 as a mixed number?

Answer: The value of 3 divided by 2 as a fraction is 3/2 = 1 ½.

How do you subtract mixed numbers with unlike denominators?

Follow the given steps to subtract mixed numbers with different denominators: Step 1– Convert the mixed numbers into improper fractions. Step 2– Find the common multiple of both the denominators. Step 3– Convert the fractions as common denominators.

How do you divide an improper fraction by a proper fraction?

How do you convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions?

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