What is the new Valorant bundle?

The new Premium-tier Valorant skin bundle is available until mid-November. The bundle includes skins for Phantom, Guardian, Spectre and Ghost. The bundle is priced at 7,100 VP ($82 USD) but you can also get the skins individually.

What’s the next bundle in Valorant 2022?

According to VALORANT Leaks on Twitter, the new bundle is called ChronoVoid, and there’s a big chance it will make it to the next Night Market this September 2022, and get everyone’s attention. ChronoVoid contains three variants: Red, Black, and Green.

What will the new Valorant collection be?

The new bundle will have five skins, which consists of the Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Ghost, and the Melee skin. A spray and card will be included in the full cosmetic bundle for free, although there are no gun buddies available in the Haunted skin bundle.

How often is there a new bundle in Valorant?

Every 24 hours, the offers are refreshed with new options.

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What is the rarest Valorant skin?

1) Arcane Sheriff

This is by far the rarest skin found in Valorant. It was released as a celebration of Arcane’s release and was only available for a short duration after November 5, 2021. It’s truly one of a kind and is modeled to look like a replica of Jinx’s gun from League of Legends and Arcane.

Will the arcane sheriff come back?

The Sheriff released back in November of 2021 for a two week period in the Valorant store, and players were able to purchase this weapon at the time. However, since the weapon has released it hasn’t appeared in anyones Valorant stores, and it doesn’t appear they’re ever going to release the skin again.

How often do you get new VALORANT skins?

Valorant skins can only be bought in one place – via the in-game store. A collection of the latest skins will be placed in the spotlight for a week or so, but individual skins are refreshed every single day.

How often does the VALORANT Store update?

These are the times in which the Valorant daily rotating items change: 5:00 PM PDT. 7:00 PM CST. 8:00 PM EST.

What is the next VALORANT skin bundle August 2022?

The Champions 2022 skin bundle will cost 6265 Valorant Points and it’ll be available from August 23rd until September 21st.

What’s the next bundle in VALORANT August 2022?

Release Date

Celebrate Champions 2022 and support your favorite team with this limited edition bundle! The Champions 2022 Collection contains the Champions 2022 Phantom, Butterfly Knife, Trophy Card, Buddy, and Spray. From August 23rd – September 21st (2PM PT).

Is Valorant still popular 2022?

In 2022, figures have only continued to climb with each passing month. 22 million players have jumped into at least one game of Valorant over the past 30 days, based on the available data. This balances out at over 2 million active players per day.

Who won Valorant Copenhagen 2022?

FunPlus Phoenix

Who won 2022 Valorant?

LOUD won the Valorant world championship after defeating OpTic Gaming in the finals by a score of 3–1.

Who is the best player in LOUD Valorant?

Now, LOUD star Gustavo ‘Sacy’ Rossi has claimed the number one spot.

Are Sentinels out of VCT?

The Sentinels’ journey in VCT 2022 ended after the popular Valorant team lost to 100 Thieves in a knockout match of VCT’s Last Chance Qualifiers today, leading to their elimination from the tournament.

Who won Valorant Masters 1?

The tournament ran from April 10–24, 2022, in Reykjavík, Iceland. The city also previously hosted the 2021 VCT Stage 2 Masters. North American representatives OpTic Gaming defeated the Brazil Challengers champions LOUD in the best-of-five grand finals via 3–0 sweep to claim the Masters championship.

Who won Valorant Iceland?

OpTic Gaming swept LOUD in Sunday’s best-of-five grand final to win the Valorant Champions Tour 2022: Stage 1 Masters at Reykjavik, Iceland. OpTic won three closely contested maps — 13-9 on Ascent, 14-12 on Bind and 15-13 on Breeze — and took home the $200,000 grand prize out of a $675,000 prize pool.

Are Sentinels out of VCT 2022?

Provided by Riot Games.

The winning graphic for 100 Thieves over Sentinels at the VCT 2022 NA LCQ. In the lower bracket of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 North America Last Chance Qualifiers, 100 Thieves beat Sentinels 2-1 and eliminated them from the tournament.

Why is VCT in Iceland?

Now they’re opening the offline VCT season once again. Another reason Riot Games gave for the return to the Viking Island is that the time zone Iceland is in is ideal for the viewership base for multiple continents. Read more: Sentinels sweep Fnatic in Masters Reykjavik grand finals, qualify for VCT Champions.

What did Sentinels win?

Sentinels completed a dominant tournament Sunday by sweeping Fnatic 3-0 in the Grand Finals to claim the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavík. Sentinels did not drop a single map throughout the entire tournament.

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