What is the meaning of TCL in washing machine?

Accepted Answer. 1. LG washing machine Error Code TCL = TUB CLEAN CYCLE. If your LG washing machine is showing the t CL error code, this is telling you to run the tub clean cycle. This means the washing machine is sensing that the tub is not clean and needs to be properly cleaned to function at peak performance.

How do I reset my LG washer error code?

Press POWER to turn the washer off. Unplug the washer from the power outlet or turn the circuit breaker to the unit off. With the power disabled, press and hold the START/PAUSE button for 5 seconds. Plug the washer back in, or turn the circuit breaker back on.

What are the LG error codes?

Select LG error code on your display:
  • FE – Water Overflow Error.
  • OE – Drains Slowly.
  • IE – Inlet Water Supply.
  • UE or UB – Unbalanced Load.
  • CL – Child Safety Lock.
  • LE – Locked Drive Motor.
  • tCL – Tub Clean Cycle.
  • dE – Door is Open.

What is E1 error in TCL washing machine?

What is the E1 Error on a washing machine? The E1 error on a washing machine is an indication that there is a problem with the water supply. The most common causes of the E1 error are a clogged inlet valve, a failed inlet valve, or maybe an issue with failed water level sensor.

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How do I fix the TCL error on my LG washer?

The tcL code on the display indicates that it is time to run the TUB CLEAN cycle.

  1. Get a shallow pan.
  2. Remove the drain tube from the inner left side of the door.
  3. Drain the unit.
  4. Put the drain tube back on the plug, pushing it all the way in to prevent leaks.

What is TCL error?

Tcl commands often generate errors in cases where, in most programming languages, a subroutine would return a special value that would have to checked for. set foo Error: can’t read “foo”: no such variable.

How do I fix my Tcl?

How do you reset a Tcl?

How to Perform a Factory Reset on an Android TV
  1. From the TCL Android TV remote control, press the Settings button.
  2. Scroll to More Settings > Device Preference > Reset.
  3. Select Factory data Reset on the Factory data Reset warning screen.
  4. Select Erase Everything.

How do you catch an error in Tcl?

To do safe programming and catch the TCL_ERROR condition, Tcl has a built-in catch command that returns 1 when an error is caught and otherwise returns 0. The catch command can be used on a single command or a set of commands.

How do I fix E1 error on my washing machine?

Question: Drum Washing Machine displays E1 or CLR FLTR
  1. Reason : Drainage error.
  2. Solution :
  3. Step 1: Clean pump filter.
  4. Step 2: Check drain hose installation. The installation height of the upper drainage pipe should be 80cm-100cm, and the installation height of the lower drainage pipe should be less than 10cm.

How do I fix error code E1?

Typically, the E1 Error Code means that your boiler is running low on pressure, which is the cause of the boiler locking out and not working. When you see this code being displayed, all you have to do to fix it and get things back to normal is to repressurise your boiler.

How do I fix E01 on my washing machine?

E01 – there’s an issue with the lock, its wiring or connection to the control board. Check the door is closed properly and the wiring is intact.

How do I fix washing machine error 1e?

An IE error code indicates that the washer was unable to fill with water.

  1. Reinstalling the Drain Hose Correctly.
  2. Closed Supply Taps.
  3. Kinked or Damaged Inlet Hoses.
  4. Clogged Inlet Filters.
  5. Using FloodSafe® Hoses.

How do I clear the error code on my washing machine?

Press the Pause or Cancel button twice and the Power button once to clear the code.

How do you reset a washing machine sensor?

What does E1 mean on a?

Summary of Key Points
Definition: Everyone
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What is E1 problem?

If the air-conditioner displays ‘E1’ in the display panel and won’t turn on , it means that the room thermistor (a device connected to the thermostat that detects room temperature) is shorted or defective. ● This is the indication that the Air-conditioner needs to be serviced.

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