What is the game Scythe?

Scythe is an engine-building, asymmetric, competitive board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor. Base Game. 115 mins Game Length. 10 mins Setup Time.

Is there a Scythe video game?

Scythe transports you to an alternate reality in 1920s Europa, one ravaged by the First World War. Take up the role of leader by assuming command of one of 5 factions, and set out to conquer the coveted “Factory”. Lead your mechs to war and your people to victory!

How long does a game of Scythe take?

With a play time of close to 2 hours, Scythe is definitely not going to appeal to everyone. Nor should it. As you can see from the photos alone, Scythe is a game with a lot of things to keep track of. There are plenty of rules for players to understand and then figure out how to get all of them working together.

Can you play Scythe with 2 players?

Scythe is my favorite board game so far. It is dynamic, strategic, beautiful and fun. It works well to play with two players. With the Automa mechanics you can play solo or in a two person game add more players.

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Is Scythe a good solo game?

Overall: Scythe is an amazing multiplayer experience and my first solo play was almost as amazing. The automa cards are easy to use and make for a decent opponent.

Can you destroy structures in Scythe?

PERMANENCE: Structures cannot be destroyed or moved. FACTORY: You may build on the Factory territory. PLACES YOU CAN’T BUILD: Your home base isn’t a territory, so you can’t build there. You also can’t build structures on lakes.

How does Scythe play with 2?

Scythe plays great at all player counts, including solo. If you can only play with 2 – you can always add in an automa (or 2). The automa mechanism does not add much length to the game and they are relatively easy to manage. However, the game is fine with only 2.

Is 2 player split-screen?

In its most easily understood form, a split screen for a two-player video game is an audiovisual output device (usually a standard television for video game consoles) where the display has been divided into two equally sized areas so that the players can explore different areas simultaneously without being close to

Is it 2 players to play 2?

It Takes Two is an action-adventure platform game developed by Hazelight Studios and released by Electronic Arts in 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. This game does not have a single-player option. It requires 2 players to play a married couple, Cody and May.

How many players is best for Scythe?

Scythe is a board game for one to five players designed by Jamey Stegmaier and published by Stonemaier Games in 2016.

Scythe (board game)

Designers Jamey Stegmaier
Players 1–5
Playing time 90–115 minutes
Age range 14+
Skills Strategy, tactics, logic

Is Scythe good for combat?

As a pole weapon, the war scythe is characterised by long range and powerful force (due to leverage). They could be used, depending on construction and tactics, to make slashing or stabbing attacks, and with their uncommon appearance and considerable strength could have a psychological impact on an unprepared enemy.

Is Scythe a hard game?

The game is complex, so make sure your gaming partners are ready for a bit of a brain-burning session. But Scythe is also much more elegant and easy to play than it looks on paper, and veteran gamers will find that everything clicks after just a few turns.

Is Scythe a strategy game?

Of course, this only gets better as you play the game more often. Scythe is an incredibly strategic game. But make no mistake, thanks to the different factions and different player boards, you can’t stick to one strategy. You will have to figure out how to win each game.

Is the Scythe still used today?

It is historically used to cut down or reap edible grains, before the process of threshing. The scythe has been largely replaced by horse-drawn and then tractor machinery, but is still used in some areas of Europe and Asia.

Who wins in Scythe?

The player with the highest total power wins the combat (ties go to the attacking player). Both players then pay the amount of power they selected on their Power Dials, and they discard any combat cards they used face-up (you don’t adjust the Power Track for combat cards-they’re just a temporary boost).

Does Scythe have romance?

There is a small romantic subplot, but there is so much happening that it doesn’t get much attention or time. Death is cured. Humanity is finally at peace. Still, to keep from overpopulation, scythes (agents of death) travel into towns to randomly take the lives of people.

Who is the oldest person in Scythe?

Scythe Archimedes is one of the oldest living scythes. He claims he was alive in the Year of the Condor, when the scythedom was first formed, but this is a lie according to Scythe Faraday. He was present at Vernal conclave, the first Conclave Citra and Rowan attended.

How old is Rowan and Citra in Scythe?

Sixteen-year-old Citra and Rowan are chosen by a Scythe named Faraday to train as apprentices. Neither likes the idea, but they’re given no choice. Later, Citra becomes an apprentice to Curie, a legendary Scythe, but Rowan is apprenticed to Goddard, who kills for sadistic pleasure.

Do Rowan and Citra end up together?

The two share a kiss but decide they do not love each other because it is safer that way. After the “self-gleaning” of Scythe Faraday, Scythe Curie takes Citra to Fallingwater to complete her training, and Rowan is sent to train with Scythe Goddard.

Who becomes a scythe Rowan or Citra?

At the Winter Conclave, Citra is chosen as the new scythe. They give her a knife to glean Rowan, but she punches him in the face to start off. His blood hits her ring, granting him immunity for one year. Citra whispers to him to grab some knives and to fight his way to the car waiting by the side door.

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