What is the best kitty litter on the market today?

  • World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula. $37.
  • PrettyLitter. From $24.
  • Tidy Cats Lightweight Free & Clean Unscented Clumping Cat Litter, 17 lb. $25.
  • Dr.
  • Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Fresh Home Litter, 14 lb.
  • Weruva Classic Fresh Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter.
  • sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter, 36 lb.
  • Dr.

What is the best smelling litter?

Best Cat Litter for Odor: Our Top Picks
  • Best Overall Cat Litter for Odor Control: Tidy Cats Free & Clean.
  • Best Clumping Litter for Odor Control: SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter.
  • Best Non-Clumping Litter for Odor Control: Pretty Litter.
  • Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter for Odor Control: Skoon All Natural Cat Litter.

Is Mini crystal cat litter good?

Crystal-based litter is also effective when it comes to odour neutralizing and lasts much longer compared to other cat litter. Although they can be on the pricey side initially, you do get more use out of this type of litter.

What is the best biodegradable kitty litter?

What are the best types of non toxic cat litter?
  1. Wheat-based Cat Litter. Wheat-based cat litter is plant-based, biodegradable, renewable, and septic and sewer safe.
  2. Walnut-based Cat Litter.
  3. Wood-based Cat Litter.
  4. Corn-based Cat Litter.
  5. Grass Seed Cat Litter.
  6. Recycled Paper Cat Litter.

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What is the healthiest cat litter to use?

The Best Natural Litters
  • Only Natural Pet. Non-GMO Grass Seed Cat Litter.
  • Weruva. Tea Potty Cat Litter.
  • Feline Fresh. Natural Clumping Pine Cat Litter.
  • World’s Best. Corn Based Cat Litter.
  • Dr. Elsey’s. Cat Attract Cat Litter.

Is there something better than cat litter?


A DIY option for many woodworkers or crafters, wood shavings are a perfect replacement for cat litter. It’s also biodegradable so you can use it in your garden beds. The biggest issue with this using wood shavings are making sure the type of wood you use is safe for cats.

Is biodegradable cat litter good?

Not only are natural substrates biodegradable and often more sustainably sourced than clay or silica gel litters, they are also good at minimizing odors with their natural scents and fibrous composition. Unfortunately, not every cat is willing to switch from the litter they’ve become used to.

Can biodegradable cat litter go in brown bin?

Do not put cat litter (even if it is marked as biodegradable) in your recycling or garden waste bin as it can be hazardous during processing.

How do you dispose of biodegradable kitty litter?

Using biodegradable bags is one of the easiest and most common ways to dispose off cat’s litter. You scoop out the cat’s litter, seal it in a bag, and toss it in the bin!

How long does it take for silica litter to biodegrade?

Silica cat litters take about a million years to decompose.

Why you should never throw away silica packets?

Silicon dioxide dries out anything around them. Non-toxic, not poisonous, they do pose a choking hazard.

Is there a problem with silica cat litter?

Litter Containing Crystalline Silica Dust

Crystalline silica is not biodegradable and is said to be a cancer-causing agent. Over time, crystalline silica can accumulate in your cat’s lungs, resulting in a condition called silicosis, which causes shortness of breath and reduced lung capacity.

Is silica litter better than clay?

Most clay litters have minimal dust and do not create tracking marks when cats leave the litter box. But silica crystals are completely dust-free and do not leave marks around the house because they are in bead form.

Do cats prefer clay or crystal litter?

A variety of studies have found that cats prefer their litter to be soft and fine-grained. A recent study compared three types of unscented litter—wood pellets, silica microgranules, and nonclumping clay granules. Overwhelmingly, the cats chose silica and clay over the pellets.

How often do you change silica cat litter?

Crystal litters are usually made from silica gel, which absorbs the liquid waste. All you have to do is scoop out and flush down the solids. Fresh Step states, “You only need to replace the entire box of litter once every one or two months.”

Do cats not like crystal litter?

Some cats dislike crystal litter because it pokes their paws uncomfortably. Corn, wheat, and pine. These types of litter are made of natural, biodegradable substrates. They don’t usually clump (though World’s Best Cat Litter does), but most of them have low or no dust.

Which type of litter do cats prefer?

Many cats appear to prefer clumping litter because it is easier for them to push aside, but some cats prefer non-clumping clay. Both clumping and non-clumping cat litters do produce some dust, although there are formulations of both types that are designed to decrease the amount of dust in the litter.

Why is my cat eating her crystal litter?

Cats eat litter for a variety of reasons, ranging from dietary problems to stress. If the behavior does not happen often, then the cat may just be tasting it because it is curious. Many cases of litter consumption indicate that your cat has a health problem and needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian.

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