What is Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San used for?

Huo xiang zheng qi san

This formula is very effective at treating abdominal pain due to invasion of Cold-Damp to the Spleen and Stomach. It has functions which dispel the Wind, eliminate the Cold, resolve the Damp, relieve the External symptoms and sedate the pain.

What is Huoxiang zhengqi water?

Huoxiang Zhengqi Shui (simplified Chinese: 藿香正气水; traditional Chinese: 藿香正氣水) is a liquid herbal formula used in Traditional Chinese medicine to “induce diaphoresis and clear away summer-heat, to resolve damp and regulate the function of the spleen and stomach”. It tastes bitter and pungent.

What are damp foods in TCM?

Damp foods and drinks include:
  • Dairy.
  • Gluten and wheat-containing foods (bread, pasta, pastries)
  • Sweet or high-water content fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pineapple and cucumber.
  • Sugar and sweeteners.
  • Eggs and meat.
  • Soy products.
  • Slimy foods such as okra and linseeds.
  • Too many mushrooms.

Do eggs cause dampness?

Highly nutritious foods such as dairy products, meats, nuts, eggs, oils and fats are strongly capable of supplementing the body’s yin fluids and substance. However, in excess, they generate a superabundance of body fluids, which become pathologic dampness.

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How do you drain dampness from your body?

In addition, sunbathing and exercising are great ways to get rid of dampness because sweating can enhance spleen, kidney and lung function as well as provide qi for the body. This gives the organs more energy to work, resulting in better fluid metabolism.

How do I know if I have dampness in my body?

Dampness can be thought of as the condition of “high humidity” inside the body. Symptoms can include a feeling of heaviness, swelling or water retention, distended abdomen, phlegm discharge, nodular masses, loose bowels and turbidity of fluids.

What does being damp mean in Chinese medicine?

To put it simply, dampness simply refers to water retention. Health in Chinese medicine hinges on striking a balance between all the elements in our body. A high proportion of water in the human body is a source of illness. At first, the patient will feel bulky and sleepy all the time when they are damp.

Are bananas a damp food?

Damp vs dry foods: how to tell which is which

“For example: Cheese is damp. Chips are greasy and damp. Bananas and egg yolks are really damp.”

Are avocados a damp food?

Typical smoothie ingredients are also fairly cooling and damp, such as banana, avocado, coconut, protein powders, dairy, and nut butters.

Are eggs damp TCM?

Eggs in general, due to their moisturizing properties, are damp. If you tend to have nasal congestion, ear congestion, a heavy feeling in the limbs and/or edema, you may tend towards dampness, which means eggs would not be your best choice. Instead, try an egg substitute or bean recipes like this one.

What organ controls qi?

The liver guarantees the smooth flow of qi and stores the blood in your body. Through ensuring this flow of vital bodily energies, the liver partners with all of the other organs and their functions, including emotions such as anger.

Does coffee cause dampness?

The problem with coffee is that it also adds heat to the body, and while it can drain dampness, it also drains the beneficial yin fluids in your body at the same time.

Is oatmeal good for dampness?

Oats are traditionally said to be soothing and restorative to the nervous and reproductive systems. They supplement Qi and Blood, strengthen nerves, muscles, and sinews, and dispel dampness. This makes oats suitable for pretty much everyone.

What tea is good for dampness?

Green tea: Eliminate dampness–help break down fats

Green tea also has an astringent flavor that according to Chinese medicine helps eliminate what we call dampness. Damp conditions are heavy and slow and sticky.

Is ginger good for dampness?

Ginger is also incredibly useful in drying dampness (Water) during the winter months as it helps the body to dispel cold. Traditional Chinese Medicine considers ginger to have warm characteristics that help to improve the spleen and digestive systems to increase Spleen Qi and yang.

What fruits help with damp?

Foods to resolve dampness include;
  • Grains. Corn, barley, basmati rice. Vegetables.
  • Asparagus, celery, Chinese cabbage. Fruit. Blueberry, cranberry.
  • Button mushroom, olive mushroom, watercress. Nuts. Almonds, walnuts.
  • Seaweed, radish, water chestnut. Fruit.
  • Mustard leaf, onion, scallion. Herbs and spices.

What absorbs moisture quickly?

If solving your moisture problem is something you’d like to do inexpensively, rock salt may be your answer. Because rock salt is hygroscopic it absorbs moisture from the air. If your plan is to get rid of the humidity in a damp basement, start with a 50-pound bag of sodium chloride to make your rock salt dehumidifier.

What foods cause dampness?

Foods known to cause dampness include: milk products (except yogurt), sugar and sweets, white-wheat flour, refined starch and highly processed starch products, excess raw fruits (sugar) and raw vegetables (mould from the soil), excess mushrooms and fungi, peppers, cold beverages (which immobilize immune cells on the

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