What is East Indian Mango?

East Indian is from Jamaica where it is extremely popular and one of the most sought after mango varieties. It is an oblong, green colored mango of medium size. With sun exposure they develop some pinkish blush at the top. The flesh is highly fibrous and it is best utilized as a juice mango for this reason.

What is the sweetest mango in Jamaica?

Another premium mango, battling for the overall top spot in the heart of Jamaicans. Bombay – This type has an extremely sweet, rich and unique taste.

Why is it called East Indian Mango?

East Indian mangoes were introduced to Jamaica, in the late 19th century. They came from Bombay, India and first bore fruit in 1880 at Hope Plantation. In an 1880 article, the author describes it as the “superior” to many Jamaican mangoes but not nearly as good as Number Eleven. What is your favourite mango?

What are the different types of mango in Jamaica?

In Jamaica, the varieties often have local names and altogether we find “black-greengage, black-sweetie”, “stringy”, beef, Bombay, East Indian, Haden, kidney, lady finger, Number 11, Parry, “pint o’ water”, Robin, St Julian (“Julie”), Tommy Atkins, turpentine.

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What is the best mango in Jamaica?

Julie Mango – The St. Julian or Julie, for short, is well-loved among Jamaicans for its rich flavour and great texture. It’s not very colourful, but runs from green to a reddish-orange tinge when ripe. The shape is distinctive – round, with a flattish side.

What is the sweetest mango in the world?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the sweetest variety of mango is the Carabao, also known as the Philippine mango or the Manila mango. As attested to by its alternative names, it originated in the Philippines, where it is named after the carabao, a Filipino breed of water buffalo.

How many types of mangoes are there in the Caribbean?

There are over 100 different varieties in the Caribbean. Each mango has a different color, name, aroma, texture and flavor.

What are the different types of mangoes?

Mangifera indica/Lower classifications

What are the five varieties of mango?

Different Types of Mangoes In India You Should Know About!
  • Banganapalli, also known as Safedi. Banganapalli is the earliest variety of mangoes in the market and is originally from the Andhra Pradesh town of Banaganapalle (Now you know how it gets its name).
  • Payri.
  • Kesar.
  • Neelum.
  • Alphonso/Hapus.
  • Dasheri.
  • Totapuri.
  • Chausa.

What is the best tasting mango?

Best Mango Varieties in the World
  1. Honey (Ataulfo) Flavor: Sweet and sour.
  2. Francis. Flavor: Sweet and fruity.
  3. Haden. Flavor: Sweet and sour with a mildly bitter aftertaste.
  4. Keitt. Flavor: Sweet and fruity.
  5. Kent. Flavor: Sweet with sour notes.
  6. Tommy Atkins. Flavor: Tart with sweet notes.
  7. Carabao. Flavor: Sweet.

Which is no 1 mango in the world?


Of the numerous mango species around the world, Alphonso is surely the number one in taste and flavor. The main producer of this delightful variety in India is Maharashtra.

Which Indian mango is the sweetest?

1. Alphonso (Hapus) – Ratnagiri. Also known as Hapus, Alphonso is widely known for its sweetness, richness and flavor. Owing to the facts, the Alphonso has been called the king of mangoes.

What is the king of mango?

Malda, also known as ‘King of Mangoes’ in Bihar is completely non fibrous, making it a good pick for chutneys. It is sweet-sour in flavour and is pulpy and delicious.

Which country has the best mangoes?

India. India is the leading mango producer in the world, producing an estimated 24.7 million tons of mangos annually. This number accounts for almost half of the entire global mango production.

What is the rarest type of mango?

Miyazaki Mango

It is the world’s most expensive mango that grows in Japan and can cost between 2-2.7 lakh Rupees a kilo in the international market. The rarity of this mango is what makes it so costly and it resembles the egg of a red dinosaur.

Which is the queen of mango?

Kesar Mangoes – Junagadh, Gujarat

Kesar mangoes owe their name to their saffron appearance and heavenly taste. This variety, highly renowned for their distinct sweet flavour, is considered to be the ‘Queen of Mangoes’.

Which is the most famous mango?

10 of the Most Popular Mango Varieties in India
  • Alphonso, Devgad.
  • Kesar, Junagadh.
  • Langra, Varanasi.
  • Chaunsa, Kurukshetra.
  • Safeda, Banganapalle.
  • Totapuri, South India.
  • Neelam, Pan India.
  • Dasheri, North India.

Which city is known as mango City?

Mango (Jamshedpur)
Country India
State Jharkhand
District East Singhbhum
Population (2011)

Which fruit is king of all fruits?

The southeast Asian plant Durian has been called the King of Fruits but, like Marmite, it sharply divides opinion between those who love the taste of its custard-like pulp and those revolted by its putrid smell.

Which fruit keeps the doctor away?

You likely know the familiar expression, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While the phrase was first coined in 1913, it was based on a Pembrokeshire proverb that originated in 1866.

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