What is a soft wash gun?

A soft wash gun is a gun used for applying your house or roof wash mix through your dedicated pump.

Can you use a pressure washer gun to soft wash?

In most cases not, a pressure washer may not always be the best way to deal with stubborn stains, especially when you are dealing with soft and fragile materials. If you want to use your pressure washer make sure you use the lowest water pressure setting and use the correct nozzle.

What equipment is used for soft washing?

The first thing you will need to start soft washing is a soft wash system. At its most rudimentary level, a soft wash system consists of a tank for holding chemical, a pump and hoses for moving chemical, a trigger gun for controlling flow, and a nozzle to guide the spray.

How much psi do you need to soft wash?

What is Soft Washing? Soft washing uses a pump sprayer to effectively clean exterior surfaces using a combination of water spray and chemicals. The typical pressure of the sprayer is between 150–300 PSI.

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How many gallons does it take to soft wash a house?

More sustainable cleaning technique

Soft washing only uses 60 gallons of cleaning solution, which is comprised of about 40 gallons of water. The cleaning solution is so effective that it lasts 4 – 6 times longer than pressure washing. Making it more sustainable for the environment and your wallet.

Is soft wash worth the money?

While pressure washing a house can be costly, the results are well worth it. A soft-washed house is much easier to maintain than a power-washed one. If you want to do the job yourself, a spray cleaner attached to a garden hose will work just as well.

Can I use 2000 PSI to wash car?

But if you ask the experts, “Is 2000 PSI safe for washing a vehicle?”, they would say it would be risky for a car’s paintwork. In fact, the best PSI for car wash that can effectively and safely clean a car is around 1200 to 1900 PSI. The max PSI for car wash you can use should be only 1900 PSI.

How much PSI do I need for a surface cleaner?

Usually, surface cleaners also require a minimum pressure to run; for the majority of surface cleaners, this will be 2000 PSI but ideally, you will have 3000 Psi to easily run a surface cleaner.

What PSI should I use for car detailing?

You should also never set your pressure washer above 2,200 psi when washing your car. 1,500 psi is really all you need to get a good deep clean; any pressure higher than that won’t make a noticeable performance difference.

What can you clean with 2000 PSI?

Light-duty pressure washers are rated at 2,000 PSI or less and are suitable for cleaning automobiles, motorcycles, boats, bicycles and all-purpose cleaning.

Is 1800 PSI enough to clean a house?

Generally if you stay around the 1500 PSI to 1800 PSI range, and use the wide stream nozzle, you have less chance of damaging anything you are cleaning. Fortunately, you don’t always need a power washer to clean most things around your home’s exterior.

Is 2000 PSI too much for a car?

In general, anything below 2000 PSI is a safe pressure to wash your car. The chance that you will damage the paint is minimal. Ensure that you keep the tip of the pressure washer at an appropriate distance. And use a green 25 or white 40 degrees nozzle.

What can you not clean with a pressure washer?

Nine things that you should never pressure wash include these surfaces:
  • Asphalt Shingles. You should not pressure wash asphalt shingles on your roof as it will remove the granules that protect your roof.
  • Stained Wood.
  • Lead Paint.
  • Old Mortar.
  • Vehicle.
  • Windows.
  • Gutters.
  • AC Units.

Why you should not pressure wash your house?

The Dangers of Pressure Washing a House

While the immediate satisfaction of watching a pressure washer blast away dirt is satisfying, you must exercise caution to avoid cracking vinyl siding, denting aluminum siding, blasting away unintended paint, marring the wood, or forcing water into places it doesn’t belong.

What should you put down before pressure washing?

Apply a degreaser or concrete cleaner before power washing. Start at the highest point and work your way down. Keep the nozzle about 12″ from the surface, getting too close could cause damage.

What is the best time to power wash a house?

Optimal Season For Power Washing

A good rule of thumb is to pressure wash your house between the months of March and November. This is the ideal window of time to make sure your home is clean and protected before harsh winter weather and freezing temperatures set in.

Is it better to pressure wash or soft wash a house?

Soft washing typically makes a better choice for washing homes since it’s safer and won’t damage the residence’s siding. A washer using high-pressure water can morph delicate side panels much easier than a soft wash, making pressure washing less preferable.

How long should a house dry after power washing?

After pressure washing your house, you have to wait for it to fully dry before you can paint it. This waiting time can be anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days. Pressure washing isn’t for beginners. If you’re not experienced, the high water pressure can easily damage portions of your house’s exterior.

How long does it take a house to dry after power washing?

Your house is going to need at least 24 hours to fully dry up. Don’t worry — it is not in any way “ruined” or less effective if, after the power washing, there are natural weather occurrences. Either way, the power washing will remove the dirt and grime and give you back an impressive, great-looking home.

How often should a house be soft washed?

With the soft wash system, a house with vinyl or aluminum siding will remain clean for a minimum of three years. Stained or painted wood siding is always more porous and requires more attention. Soft washing wood every one to two years thoroughly can help the longevity of the stain or paint.

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