What is a green O-ring for?

Green o rings are hydrogenated Nitrile, also known as highly saturated Nitrile, or more commonly known as HNBR. These o rings have the green colour moulded into their rubber and were introduced with the refrigerant of 134a, suitable for high temperatures and fluctuating stress loads.

Are green O-rings good for gasoline?

Green HNBR O-rings for Gasoline has got excellent resistance to most commonly encountered automotive fluids like engine oil, coolant as well as fuel, together with quite a few commercial chemical compounds.

What Colour is Viton?

O-Ring Colors
O-Ring Color O-Ring Material
Brown Viton®
Clear Urethane
Green Viton® | HSN/HNBR
Red (Rust) Silicone | TES/PFAS

What are Viton O-rings used for?

Viton® O-Rings

Viton seals also feature some chemical resistance and are ideal in pumps used for agricultural, pest control, disinfection, mold remediation, and lawn care sprayers because of its resistance to hydrocarbons found in some of the compounds used.

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Are green O-rings Viton?

This FKM – FPM – Viton O-Ring is mm and in the color Green. The Hardness of this is 70 Shore A. The alternative names of the compound are Viton® – FKM and they are mostly produced by Viton® – Du Pont – 3M – Solvay – Daikin. The O-ring is commonly used in and has an operating temperature range from -20 ºC to 205 ºC.

Are green O-rings oil resistant?

Buna-N (or nitrile) O-rings create multidirectional seals between two parts in power transmissions or hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders. Made in a round profile, they resist grease and oils, as well as mild chemicals and water.

What is the difference between Viton and nitrile O-rings?

Nitrile is most suitable for offering resistance to the general application, petroleum oils, aliphatic hydrocarbon, hydraulic fluids, and water. At the same time, Viton is most suitable for applications that need high chemical and temperature resistance.

Which is better Viton or silicone?

When comparing these materials with respect to electrical current resistance, Silicone has a slight advantage. The differences in compression set resistence show that both materials are equally poor. Additionally, both materials are equally poor when considering wear resistance.

Are Viton O-rings good for oil?

The name Viton is a trademark, a bit like Hoover or Sellotape, and refers to fluorocarbon o rings, or FKM/FPM for short. This material has an excellent tolerance for high temperatures, resistance to oils, fuels and hydraulic fluids as well as aromatics and solvents.

Is Viton better than rubber?

Viton is significantly more dense than most types of rubber, which makes Viton seals some of the strongest. Viton has a wide temperature tolerance which ranges from -4F to 410F (-20C to 210C). The high temperatures Viton can withstand make it ideal for high temperature applications.

What is another name for Viton?

As mentioned, Viton is DuPont’s (now Chemours) brand name for fluorocarbon rubber. This is a synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer and is commonly used for O-rings and other molded or extruded parts.

What is Viton also called?

Fluoro-Elastomer is usually referred to as FKM FPM or as VITON™ after the popular brand which produces it. You may see this rubber listed in different places with these different names, but they are all one and the same.

How can you tell if an O-ring is Viton?

Does the color of an O-ring mean anything?

The colors can indicate the type of material the O-Ring is based on, set by an industry standard. The industry standard was created throughout the years based on the common color these materials shipped with.

What color are Buna o-rings?

Brown O-Rings Buna-N – Nitrile (NBR) Duro 70: Nitrile, also known as Buna-N or NBR, is a copolymer of Butadiene and Acrylonitirle.

Is Buna or Viton better?

While both Viton and Buna seals both serve as great sealing options at moderate temperatures, Viton is far superior to Buna for high temperature applications. Viton seals provide an indefinite seal for temperatures up to 400°F, and for temperatures up to 600°F they offer an excellent seal for more than 48 hours.

What is the most durable O-ring material?

Fluorocarbon (Viton®)

Offering outstanding chemical and high-temperature resistance, fluorocarbon O-rings are among the most durable and versatile available. They are particularly valuable in aircraft engines and automotive fuel handling systems because they resist swell in high-octane and oxygenated fuels.

Which is better Viton or PTFE?

Viton vs Teflon (PTFE) – Viton offers a greater temperature resistance but falls short of Teflons(PTFE) chemical resistance. Also, Teflon is slightly less thermally resistant but offers much more in the way of non-adhesive properties.

What is PTFE o-rings?

PTFE Polytetrafluoroethylene (AKA Teflon® O-Rings)

The PTFE O-Rings for use in applications which require a chemically resistant and non-compressible material. PTFE is the chemically inert of the O-ring materials. It is resistant to most chemicals including acids, bases, oils, steam and other chemicals.

Which is better Teflon or PTFE?

Essentially, the only difference lies in the name. PTFE is the shortened name of the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene, and Teflon is the trade name of the same polymer. If you are looking for a highly flexible, non-stick material that is chemical, electrical and thermal resistant, look no further than PTFE.

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