What is a DFT transfer?

Direct to Film or DTF is a process that transfers prints onto fabric or other substrates using a heat-press mechanism. Unlike the DTG method, which only works on cotton fabrics, the Printer DTF method can work on cotton and poly blends.

Is DTF better than sublimation?

DTF printing works on any type of fabric, but DTG works best on cotton and sublimation works best on polyester. Size of the order. If you need to print a large number of items quickly, DTG printing is often the best option because it is faster.

How do I make a DTF transfer?

How does a DTF transfer work?

DTF stands for Direct To Film. This technique involves printing your design directly onto a film and then transferring it to a T-shirt made of cotton, polyester, or their blends, regardless of their colour, as it can work with white ink.

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How long does DTF last on shirts?

A number that you hear thrown around is that the industry standard for printed clothing is 50 washes. Many agree, however, that DTG prints will last longer than that. Another way to look at it is that direct-to-garment prints tend to last the life of the garment — and age along with it.

Is DTF better than vinyl?

Yes – High volume DTF Printing [direct-to-film] will always be a significantly faster way to produce full color t-shirt transfers. But is that what is most important for your business? This comparison is between heat transfer vinyl cutters + print and cut eco solvent printers like the Roland BN-20a and the newest…

Is DTF printing permanent?

This makes DTF printers much faster than traditional inkjet printers, and they can be used to print images on a variety of different fabrics. Additionally, the ink used in DTF printers is permanent and will not fade over time.

Does DTF last as long as screen printing?

DTF printing is a heat transfer process that has the ability to last as long as traditional silkscreen prints.

Is DTF better than screen printing?

Additionally, DTF printing is more versatile than screen printing, meaning that you can use it to create a wider range of locations on the shirt. And finally, for certain types of jobs and small runs, DTF printing is less expensive than screen printing, making it a more cost-effective option for many businesses.

Do DTF transfers crack?

While DTF prints don’t have the same soft hand feel that DTG can boast, the transfers are more durable. Direct to film transfers wash well, and are flexible – meaning they won’t crack or peel, making them great for heavy-use items.

What printer is needed for DTF?

Direct to Film Printer

These printers are often called DTF Modified Printers. These printers are mostly the basic 6 color ink tank printers like Epson L800, L805, L1800, etc. The reason this series of printers is chosen is that these printers work with 6 colors.

Are DTF transfers cold peel?

Premium A3 (APPROXIMATELY 11.7″ x 16.5″) double sided DTF Transfer Film can be peeled warm or cold. It has a special coating on the print side that holds ink better and colors turn our bright, vivid and waterproof.

Can you print DTF on regular printer?

The DTF printing process is pretty simple. You print on a kind of Film – like a transparency film if you’re old enough – using a full color inkjet printer. If you’re using a simple home-style inkjet printer take out the paper in the tray and replace it with the “PET” film.

Can you DTF with a sublimation printer?

Print out your design onto the DTF Transfer Film. There is a trick to getting the transfer film through your printer. You will need to attach the film with a piece of tape to a copy paper to ensure it will move smoothly through your sublimation printer. Also, make sure to do a mirror image print!

What is the cheapest DTF printer?

With an unbeatable price of $899, the A4 DTF Printer is the most affordable DTF printer on the market. It offers a great return on investment for those who want to try the DTF technology. In addition, it features a White Ink Mix and Circulation to minimize printer head clogs and greatly extend print head lifetime.

Is DTF printer the same as sublimation?

DTF printing involves the use of transfer paper to transfer the image into the fabric or material. Sublimation printing uses a chemical process in which a solid turns into a gas immediately without passing through the liquid stage.

Does DTF or sublimation last longer?

With the right ink, an image printed with sublimation could last longer than a DTF image printed with lower quality ink. Quality of the printer. The quality of the printer itself will affect the longevity of the image that is printed.

Do you need oven for DTF printer?

This equipment performs POWDER HEATING (which cures the powder to the film), so you don’t have to do so in an oven or other heating device.

Does Epson have a DTF printer?

NEW Epson L1800 Printer (modified for DTF, A3, A3+ and A4 DTF Sheet Printing) DTF Sheet Exit Tray / Platform – to guide the Transfer Sheets out of the printer after they have been printed and avoid the paper getting buckled or caught by the rollers.

What is better DTG or DTF?

DTG can only be printed on cotton, but DTF can be printed on a wide range of fabrics. If you are targeting a specific clientele with limited fabrics, DTG can be a very good choice. But in case you want the flexibility to print on any fabric or garment then DTF can be a better choice.

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