What is a Deaver retractor used for?

Deaver – used to retract deep abdominal or chest incisions. Used in Cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder) for retraction of right lobe of liver. Used in Truncal vagotomy (division of the main trunk of the vagus nerve) for retraction of left lobe of liver.

What is Doyen’s retractor used for?

Doyen Retractor is a handheld retractor used primarily in abdominal OB/GYN procedures such as abdominal hysterectomies, cesarean section deliveries, and procedures for ectopic pregnancies. This particular retractor features a 90 degree angled, blunt, 1-3/4″ wide blade.

What does a Deaver retractor look like?

The Deaver retractor is shaped like a question mark with a thin, flat blade. The retractors are built with the basic concept of holding the tissue or the viscera to keep the operator’s field of surgery clear.

What is Morris retractor?

A Morris retractor is a type of retractor which is used by surgeons and gynecologists so that they can work in the deep layers of the patient. The Morris retractors are particularly used when abdominal incisions are made as well closed.

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What is Leyla retractor?

The Leyla retractor is a self-retaining retractor used in the translabyrinthine removal of acoustic neuroma and middle fossa surgery. It is used to maintain constant, even pressure on a decompressed sigmoid sinus and cerebellum in translabyrinthine surgery and the temporal lobe in middle fossa surgery.

What is Greenberg retractor?

The GREENBERG Retractor and Handrest is a versatile, three-level system offering space planning, whereby each level has an assigned surgical task. This allows performance with more control and less tremor and fatigue.

What are two types of retractors?

The two basic types of retractors are the hand-held and the self-retaining forms.

What is retractor system?

A retractor is any instrument that moves or holds tissue so a surgeon can reach a particular area. The tubular retractor is valuable because it moves aside the folds and delicate tissues of the brain with less risk of damage than other surgical methods – it displaces the tissue instead of cutting through it.

Which retractor is used in pelvic surgery?

The St Mark’s retractor is an instrument essential in open pelvic surgery. It is of great help in exposing structures deep in the narrow pelvis.

Which retractor is used in Lscs?

Detailed Solution. LSCS stands for lower segment cesarean section. The above instrument is the doyen retractor used to widen the surgical field by pulling the soft tissues.

What is Kelly retractor?

Kelly Retractor has a right-angled blade that has a bent crescent-shaped lip. This retractor is commonly used to pull back, or retract, the edges of wounds in order to expose the surgical area. Moreover, it is presented in different blade sizes to adapt to various scenarios.

What is Alexis retractor?

Alexis wound protector-retractors provide 360 degrees of atraumatic, circumferential retraction. They maintain moisture at the incision site and reduce superficial surgical site infections following colorectal surgeries.

What is sweetheart retractor?

Ideal for retracting Tissue, The Patient’s Cheek or as a Lip Retractor.

What is a Bennett retractor?

SURTEX® Bennett Bone Lever (Retractor) is a specialized surgical tool that orthopedic surgeons frequently use to pull back and retract tissue, especially during surgeries that require exposure of the tibia. Atraumatic Angled Blade for Accessing Narrow Spaces.

What is a Minnesota retractor?

The Minneosta Retractor is used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area. Retractor is 5.5″ and 20.5mm wide and is made from surgical grade stainless steel for longevity and corrosion resistance.

What is a Heaney retractor?

SURTEX® Heaney Retractor is a hand-held surgical device that allows surgeons to broaden the surgical view during a wide range of gynecological surgeries, such as vaginal hysterectomy.

What is a Goulet retractor?

A Goulet retractor accustomed retract shallow or superficial incisions. A malleable or ribbon retractor accustomed to retract deep wounds. These retractors bent to various shapes for the structure to retract without causing any damage to tissue.

What is a Mobius retractor?

Mobius. OR/Mobius provides maximum exposure and wound protection while keeping minimal incisions in mind. Used in a variety of general, OB/GYN, Bariatric and Colorectal surgical applications, OR/Mobius lines the incision to help protect wound edges from contamination.

What is a Beckman retractor?

Beckman Weitlaner Retractor 6 1/2″, 3×4 Blunt, Hinged Blade

The Beckman Weitlaner Retractor is a surgical tool that retracts tissues and skin during veterinary surgical procedures. It is most commonly used during spinal and intracranial surgeries.

What is a Richardson retractor?

Richardson Retractor is a 9-1/2″ long retractor that can be used during procedures, such as chest or abdominal, to grasp soft tissue using the curved blade. Several widths and depths of the blade are available in order to suit the different surgical needs.

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