What is 3 feet tall in inches?

Answer : 3 feet has 36 inches

Using the conversion chart, we can see one foot is equal to 12 inches. Thus, 3 feet = 36 inches.

What is 5 feet inches tall in?

Answer: 5 feet is equal to 60 inches

Using the conversion charts, we can find the conversion factor.

What is 5 feet 3 inches tall in inches?

(5 x 12) + 3. This gives you 63 total inches.

What is 5 feet 8 inches tall in inches?

Answer and Explanation: Five feet and 8 inches is equivalent to 68 inches.

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Is 5’9 a good height for a guy?

The average American man is about 5 foot 9 inches.

What height is 5ft 11?

Five feet eleven inches (5’11”) is equal to 180.34 cm. This is because there are 30.48 cm in one foot. Let’s take a look at some facts and statistics about this height

5′ 11″ to cm.

Feet and inches Centimeters Meters
5 feet 11 inches 180.34 cm 1.8 m
6 feet 0 inches 182.88 cm 1.83 m
6 feet 1 inches 185.42 cm 1.85 m

Is 5 feet 8 inches a good height?

5′8″ is definitely an above average height for an Indian man. Most Indian men are around 5′5″5–7″ range, so you will be taller than the majority (not by a lot).

What is the average height for 5 foot 8?

According to the latest CDC stats, these are the average heights for U.S. adult men based on age: Ages 20 to 39: 176.1 centimeters, or roughly 5 feet, 9 inches. Ages 40 to 59: 175.8 centimeters, or roughly 5 feet, 9 inches. Age 60 and older: 173.4 centimeters, or roughly 5 feet, 8 inches.

How many cm tall is 5/8 feet?

5 feet 8 inches in cm = [(5×12)+8] x 2.54 = 68 x 2.54 = 172.72 cm.

What is 5 ft 7 in in inches only?

What is 5 feet in inches?
Heights for 5 feet Heights for 5 feet
5 feet = 60 inches 5 feet 6 in = 66 inches
5 feet 1 in = 61 inches 5 feet 7 in = 67 inches
5 feet 2 in = 62 inches 5 feet 8 in = 68 inches
5 feet 3 in = 63 inches 5 feet 9 in = 69 inches

What height is 5ft 5?

5’5 = 165.1 cm

5’5 is taller than about 7.2% of men and 54.1% of women in the USA.

Is 5ft 7 short for a male?

“Around 68% of the adult male population are within 3 inches of that height, so 5’7″falls within that majority range. That’s pretty “normal” (i.e. common, typical) for men. So 5’7″ is a little bit shorter than average, but falls within the typical range for an adult male.

How tall is a person who is 5 7?

5’7 = 170.18 cm

5’7 is taller than about 20.6% of men and 82.3% of women in the USA. What is 5foot7 in cm? Convert 5 ft 7 to centimeters.

What is too short for a guy?

Nowadays, this number has seen a considerable increase because of the great improvement in nutrition, food, healthcare, etc. But if you come across the statistics from the latest official US Government data set, you can decide that 5ft 7 inches and below is considered a short height for a man.

Is being 5 5 short for a guy?

Originally Answered: Is 5’5 unbelievably short for an adult male? It is on the shorter side of average, but certainly not unusual. People come in all shapes and sizes and those who are not right in the middle of average may tend to stand out a bit.

Is 5 5 short for a guy in Philippines?

Not very. I’m 5′5, and I’m considered tall in the Philippines. Based on personal experience, I find that in the States, I’m average, and in Europe I’m short. I used to have classmates who were a head shorter than me (not kidding), and that height would be considered normal.

What age men stop growing?

But at what age do you stop growing taller? Even if you hit puberty late, you’re unlikely to grow significantly after the ages of 18 to 20 . Most boys reach their peak height around the age of 16. However, men still develop in other ways well into their twenties.

What is the tallest Filipino?

E.J. Feihl
Personal information
Nationality Filipino
Listed height 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m)
Listed weight 285 lb (129 kg)
Career information

What is the average height in Japan?

As a result, Japanese individuals are not called short in contrast to the remainder of the globe. The medium size in Japan for a guy, accordingly, is 5 feet 7.4 inches (approx. 171.2 cm), and the medium tallness for a girl is 5 feet 2.6 inches (approx.

Which race is the tallest?

* Dutch men are the tallest on the planet, with an average height of 182.5cm. Latvian women are the tallest on the planet, with an average height of 170cm. * The top four tallest countries for men are the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia and Latvia.

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