What height is 180 cm in feet?

180 Centimeter to Feet

180 Centimeter = 5.90551182 Foot.

How tall is 180 tall?

180 cm is about 5 feet and 11 inches tall!

How many inches is 5 7 feet?

The conversion factor I remember is that there are 2.54 centimeters in 1 inch, so first I would change the feet to inches. 5 12 = 60 so 5’7″ = 67″.

How much feet is 185?

Conversion Chart
Centimeters Feet and Inches
183 cm 6 feet and 0.0472 inches
184 cm 6 feet and 0.4409 inches
185 cm 6 feet and 0.8346 inches
186 cm 6 feet and 1.2283 inches

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How tall is 192 height?

192 cm = 6’3.59.

What height is 149?

149 cm = 4’10.66.

How tall is a 185 cm person?

185 Centimeter to Height Feet and Inches Format

185 centimeter(s) = 185 x 0.032808399 = 6.069553815 ft. Now we have 6 ft and 0.069553815000001 ft.

Is 185 cm to tall?

185 cm is taller than about 87.5% of men and 100% of women in the USA.

How tall is 184 height?

184 Centimeter to Height Feet and Inches Format

As following examples: 184 centimeter(s) = 184 x 0.032808399 = 6.036745416 ft. Now we have 6 ft and 0.036745416 ft.

How many cm is 5’11 feet?

180.34 cm

Is 511 short for a guy?

American men who are 5′11″ are in the 75th percentile for height distribution. That means that 75% of American men are SHORTER than 5′11″. So yes, it is tall for a man.

Is 176 cm short for a guy?

Technically it is average. The worldwide height is 170 cm for men and 152 cm for women. In most countries the average starts from 160 cm and may reach up to 182 cm. So with your 176 cm in height, you’re above world average and slightly shorter than the average heights in Europe and the US.

Is 511 tall for a man?

Depends on where he’s from. Average height for a male in the world is 173 cm (5’8) so 5’11 is above average. But like is said some males in some countries are much taller then that this is just globally the average height of a man.

What is perfect height for a guy?

The average for males is considered to be 5.8 feet or 177 cm. Factors that may influence your height include the following: DNA: Your genetic make-up influences your height, growth plates, and hormones.

Table: Ideal height for men according to body weight.

Body weight Ideal height
176 to 216 lbs 6’3”
182 to 222 lbs 6’4”

Are tall men faster?

Tall people generally have a longer stride, meaning that it takes them fewer steps to cross a particular distance. All other factors being equal, this should mean that taller people are able to run faster.

What is a nice height for a man?

The Ideal Height in General

They consider 4’11” or shorter too short, and 6’0” or taller too tall. For the average woman, the ideal height of a man is 5’11”. Women tend to say that a man of 5’4” or shorter is too short, and a romantic partner over 6’3” is too tall.

What height is most attractive?

The meaning of average

Women between 5′ and 5’7” think 5’11” is ideal, but women above that height prefer a man to be 6’1”. Conversely, 47% of men between 6′ and 6’3” say the ideal woman is between 5’8 and 5’11”, compared to just 26% of men who are between 5’8” and 5’11” and want a woman in the same range.

What height is most attractive for a girl?

Dating app Badoo has revealed the most right-swiped heights based on their users aged 18 to 30. Of the 20,000 Brits surveyed, Badoo revealed the most right-swiped height for men was 5ft 8in and the most right-swiped height for women was 5ft 5in.

Why is height so attractive?

Tall is seen as more dominant. For many people, dominance is sexy, they want to be with someone who’s dominant. From an evolutionary perspective, ‘larger’ men were able to provide better protection to their families, which increases the chances of survival.

Are tall guys better in bed?

This could be the most debated question of the century. Some might say yes, and others might say that it’s about the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat. The consensus is, however, that tall guys are harder to sleep with because they are so lanky and take up most of the bed.

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