What happened to Walter Williams Ojays?

A doctor in Los Angeles determined that Williams had multiple sclerosis. The diagnosis was confirmed at the Cleveland Clinic. “My family was devastated,” Williams said during an interview last week at a local hotel. He got the bad news in 1983, just before his 40th birthday.

Who are the original members of the Ojays?

The O’Jays were formed in 1958 in Canton, Ohio, where all five original members — Eddie LeVert, Walter Williams, William Powell, Bill Isles, and Bobby Massey — attended McKinley High School.

Is William Powell of O’Jays still alive?

William Powell / Date of death

Who started the Ojays?

The O’Jays, an R&B ensemble from Canton, Ohio, was formed in 1958 by childhood friends Eddie Levert, who was born in Bessemer, Alabama in 1942 and moved to Canton at the age of 8, and Walter Williams, Sr. born in Canton in 1942. They became best friends and a singing duet in 1958.

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Which one of the Ojays died?

Original member William Powell died of cancer in 1977 at age 35.

Why did Bobby Massey leave the Ojays?

The O’Jays didn’t have long to wait, however, before they were back on track. When they did hit, it was as a trio; Bobby Massey stepped down in 1972 to form his own production company.

Who is the leader of the Ojays?

Rock And Roll hall Of famer deals with the coronavirus

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – No tour dates or appearances of any kind is the new normal for 62-year-old Eric Nolan Grant of the world-famous soul singing group the O’Jays.

Are the Ojays from Philly?

Eddie Levert and Walter Williams of the O’Jays may have been born and raised in Canton, Ohio, but their reputation for gutsy, harmonious, socially conscious hits is pure Philly.

Where are the O’Jays originally from?

Canton, OH
The O’Jays / Origin

Who is Eddie OJAY?

Eddie O’Jay is one of the pioneering R & B disc jockeys who started his career at WOKY / Milwaukee. He moved to Cleveland’s WABQ where he became one of the city most recognized and popular urban radio voices.

What did Bobby OJAY pass from?

Tuesday morning, just before 9 a.m. when the phone lines are open, WDIA Program Director Bobby O’Jay fell unconscious during his show. He suffered a fatal massive heart attack.

Who is Eddie Levert’s wife?

Raquel Capelton
Eddie Levert / Wife

When was Bobby OJAY born?

O’Jay was born in Batesville, Mississippi in 1953 and got his first start in the radio business in Montgomery, Alabama before joining WDIA in Memphis in 1983.

Is Bobby OJAY married?

Who is the wife of Bobby O’Jay? Bobby O’Jay’s wife is Kim Ojayrleda. Bobby O’Jay was aged 68 when he died on May 3rd, 2022.

Who replaced Bobby OJAY?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – The announcement was made Monday that Stan Bell will fill the role of the morning DJ host. O’Jay passed away in May after 39 years with the station.

What is WDIA phone number?

To learn more about advertising with iHeartMedia and 1070 WDIA, contact us at 1-844-BUY-RADIO, or send us an inquiry.

How old is Bobby OJAY on WDIA?

One of the iconic voices of Memphis broadcasting, Bobby O’Jay, has died. The Tennessee Radio Hall of Famer and WDIA DJ and program director was 68.

Where is WDIA located?

WDIA (1070 AM) is a radio station based in Memphis, Tennessee.

How old is Bobby OJAY?

Longtime WDIA Memphis personality Bobby O’Jay passes away.

What happened to Bobby OJAY on WDIA?

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Last Tuesday, longtime DJ for WDIA and a man who was both described as a staple and a champion to the Memphis community, Bobby O’Jay passed away at the age of 68. On Saturday, World Overcomers Church joined O’Jay’s wife and six children in mourning the loss while honoring his memory.

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