What does the term Grateful Dead mean?

grateful dead, in folktales of many cultures, the spirit of a deceased person who bestows benefits on the one responsible for his burial.

Why did Grateful Dead break up?

The unparalleled loyalty of the Deadheads made the band millionaires and endured until the Dead split up following the 1995 death of the group’s leader, Jerry Garcia.

Where do I start with Grateful Dead?

American Beauty & Workingman’s Dead

When wondering where to start with the Grateful Dead, you can’t go wrong with either of these two albums. Workingman’s Dead came first, in June 1970. It was the band’s fourth studio album, but the first one to bring the twang to the formerly psychedelic rock band.

When did the Grateful Dead take a break?

By 1974, lead guitarist Jerry Garcia wanted to stop touring and take a break from performing with the Grateful Dead. Before beginning a hiatus of uncertain length, a five-show farewell run was set for October 16–20, 1974 at Winterland in San Francisco.

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What president liked the Grateful Dead?

Still, there was nothing quite like the sight, 12 years ago tonight, of the Grateful Dead jamming for Barack Obama.

What drugs were the Grateful Dead on?

LSD had been an essential element of the Grateful Dead experience from their early days, when they were “the house band for (Ken Kesey’s) acid tests,” according to What’s That Sound?: An Introduction to Rock and Its History.

How long did the Grateful Dead take a break for?

Forty-six years ago today, the Grateful Dead began a new chapter in their 30-year run as they returned to touring following a nearly-two-year hiatus from the road beginning on October 20th, 1974.

How long were Grateful Dead set breaks?

Usually somewhere between 20 minutes and a virtual eternity

When were the Grateful Dead first busted for drugs?

On January 31, 1970 members of The Dead had a run in with the New Orleans Police Department – when they were arrested for drug charges after a performance at The Warehouse with Fleetwood Mac. The incident was a little suspicious – with the police waiting for the band at the hotel after their show.

When did the Grateful Dead first play not fade away?

Not Fade Away was first performed by the Grateful Dead in June 1968 though this was only a partial version of the song in the middle of Turn On Your Lovelight. It was then played in full a few times at the end of 1969. After this it became a regular part of the repertoire.

Why is the Grateful Dead logo a bear?

Though the competition is stiff, the Dancing Bears loom large among the Grateful Dead’s visual lexicon. The story goes that the same Bob Thomas responsible for the Steal Your Face skull created the image as an homage to Owsley “Bear” Stanley.

What was the longest song the Grateful Dead ever played?

The album contains only one song, “Playing in the Band“. At 46 minutes in length, it is the longest continuous Grateful Dead song ever recorded.

Why are Grateful Dead fans called Deadheads?

Urban Dictionary defines Deadhead as “a person who greatly enjoys the music of the Grateful Dead and particularly the genius of Jerry Garcia.” But decades ago, a subset of fans cranked up that devotion to a whole new level and began following the band from city to city.

What is a Deadhead slang?

If you say that someone is a deadhead, you mean that they are stupid or slow. [US, informal]

What is a deadhead train?

Deadhead – Train going from one location to another without taking on passengers.

What is the Grateful Dead font called?

The Grateful Dead logo uses the “Storybook” typeface. A font called Storybook can also be used to reproduce the exact Grateful Dead logo in your design and the same Grateful Dead logo.

What is the Grateful Dead lightning bolt called?

‘Steal Your Face’ lightning skull

Also commonly referred to as the “lightning skull,” the concept was born out of necessity, really.

What does the 13 point lightning bolt mean?

Even we’re a little curious about why Owsley chose to make the bolt with 13 distinct points. One theory is that the 13 points represent the original 13 American colonies.

What is the Grateful Dead skull logo called?

After it was used in the poster for the show, the Dead cropped it to the skull for the cover of their 1971 live album Grateful Dead (also known as “Skull and Roses,” or sometimes by the name the band preferred, “Skullfuck”).

What does a skull with a lightning bolt mean?

By association and increased performances of “He’s Gone”, the Grateful Dead’s skull and lightning bolt logo took on the meaning of Steal Your Face” and the symbol became synonymous with the phrase.

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