What does the calamity box represent?

The Calamity Box is a music box invented long ago by Valeriana that using the Calamity Gems’ power, can enable interdimensional travel to Earth, Amphibia and other dimension/worlds/planets. It was later held in the store Thrift Stop before being stolen by Anne (unwillingly) on her 13th birthday.

Who has the calamity box?

Season Three. In “The New Normal”, after Anne and the Plantars managed to escape to Earth it is revealed that Andrias managed re-acquire the box for himself, and placed it back on the charging station.

What is the calamity trio?

Calamity Trio is the main protagonistic faction of the Disney Channel series Amphibia. Originally, they were a group of normal teenage girls Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright and Marcy Wu from planet Earth, that used to have a normal life.

What is the prophecy in Amphibia?

Mother Olm reveals the prophecy surrounding the Calamity Box and the three girls: “Three stars burning bright come from beyond to expel the night. Should they fight or embrace the fall? Their choice will determinate the fate of all“.

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Who is Lgbtq in Amphibia?

Coming back to Amphibia, Sasha joins other LGBTQ characters such as Frodrick Toadstool and Toadie who were confirmed as a gay couple by the show’s creator. More significantly is Yunan (Zahra Fazal) and Lady Olivia (Michelle Dockery) as lesbian couple.

Who is the true villain in Amphibia?

King Andrias Leviathan is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel series Amphibia. He is the former king of Amphibia who lives in the realm’s capital of Newtopia, where he meets Marcy Wu, one of the three girls teleported to Amphibia, and seems to be helping her and her friends return to Earth.

What does the blue stone in Amphibia represent?

The Calamity Gems were three diamond-cut gemstones smaller than a ping-pong ball with each having a color to represent a certain virtue: blue representing heart, green representing wit, and pink representing strength.

What are the ghost things in Amphibia?

Shadowfish are mysterious ghost-like entities that appear in Amphibia.

What does SJMS mean Amphibia?

Last appearance

Saint James Middle School, abbreviated as SJMS, is the private middle school that Anne Boonchuy, Sasha Waybright, and Marcy Wu attended before they were transported to Amphibia. It is located in Los Angeles, California on Earth.

What is Sasha’s race in Amphibia?

She is a 13-year-old human girl of German/Slavic heritage and is the childhood best friend of Anne and Marcy. She formerly attended Saint James Middle School until getting teleported to Amphibia, along with her two friends.

Is Marcy Wu non binary?

Conversation. Marcy Wu from Amphibia is nonbinary !!

What race is Marcy?

She is a young Taiwanese-American teenage girl and the childhood best friend of Anne Boonchuy and Sasha Waybright. When the three are teleported to the world of Amphibia through the magic of a music box, Marcy lands in Newtopia where her intelligence and ingenuity catches the attention of King Andrias and his people.

Is Terri Amphibia non binary?

Roiland also described Korvo and Terry as genderless aliens which asexually reproduce but are not asexual.

Is Kino a Agender?

All of them are about human nature, and as Kino meets various people, we learn a little more about why Kino is on that titular journey. There’s one more thing, too: Kino is an agendered character.

What are Jenny’s pronouns on Amphibia?

Jenny is a character from Amphibia. They use they/them pronouns.

Is Jenny from Amphibia mute?

Jenny is a silent yet stoic, and hardworking individual, hardly ever showing any emotion—except when around Mr. X—who appears to be very intelligent, as seen through the skillful use of high-tech devices.

What is Marcy Wu’s middle name?

And by the way, people mentioned that Anne’s middle name is Savisa, and Marcy’s middle name is Regina, and also, Sasha’s middle name Elizabeth is actually kinda nice.

Is Marcy from Amphibia black?

Marcy is a Taiwanese-American pre-teen girl who is tall (but noticeably shorter than Anne and Sasha) and slim. She has olive skin, short, shiny black hair, and dark brown oval eyes. After being in Amphibia for about five months, her hair has become visibly grown out and messier.

What color are Sprig’s eyes?

In “Family Shrub”, his eyes are revealed to be blue. Sprig is apparently based on the strawberry poison-dart frog. While they occasionally look pink, they are usually orange-red in color, similar to Hop Pop, and also usually possess dark blue arms and legs.

Does sprig have a crush on Anne?

Sometimes Sprig will look to Anne for advice and clearly likes to confide in her about things. They have zero romantic attraction with one another, though in Sprig’s case it appears to be solely based on age as revealed in “Bizarre Bazaar”.

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