What can I mount staghorn fern on?

There are various materials that you can use as a staghorn fern mount: a tree outside, a piece of wood, a wire basket, or fern fiber on the side of a tree. Even the side of a rock or the side of your house or garage will do for mounting your fern.

What is the best way to hang a staghorn fern?

A Staghorn needs to be hung or mounted on something that will support it as it grows. This can be a flat wooden plaque, a log, or a hanging basket. The plant needs to be secured to the support until the roots can take hold. This means using soft wire or string to hold it in place.

How long does it take for a staghorn fern to attach to a tree?

Once the fern is tied in place, pour water over that bundle. Continue to water the plant about once a week during dry seasons, but no more than once every couple of weeks during wet ones. After about six months, it will probably have attached itself to the tree’s bark, and you can remove the fishing line.

Does a staghorn fern need to be mounted?

Staghorn Ferns are Epiphytes

Though you can find young staghorn ferns sold in pots, mature plants need to be mounted to a board or hung in a hanging basket. Why? Because, like air plants, staghorn ferns are epiphytic plants, which means that in they grow on other plants or trees in their natural growing environments.

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Can you nail a staghorn to a tree?

Staghorns, Elkhorns and many other Epiphytes are easy to Mount. You can attach them to trees, treeferns, posts, cork, boards, polystyrene & probably other mediums we have not yet thought of!!

What wood is best for staghorn ferns?

Mounting Staghorn Ferns should be done on rot resistant wood like cedar. Because of the aggressive way that they are watered, and the fact that they are so closely connected to the wood, you need something that can last long term.

Can you put a staghorn fern on the ground?

No, because they are epiphytes, staghorn ferns do not naturally grow in soil and therefore do not need it. Instead of soil, use a loose, well-draining potting mix that contains a mixture of sphagnum moss, perlite, and bark, or something similar.

Can staghorn ferns stay in pots?

Staghorn ferns can grow in pots, but they should not be planted in mineral soil. Instead, use a well-draining planting medium made primarily of organic matter. A 50/50 mixture of orchid bark and cactus potting mix is appropriate.

What do you do with staghorn ferns in the winter?

Growing Staghorn Ferns in Winter

Keep the plant in a spot that receives bright but indirect light, and water less frequently than you did during the growing season, only once every few weeks.

What is the lowest temperature staghorn ferns can tolerate?

Staghorn fern flourishes in warm, humid climates and should be protected from cold conditons. It’s generally considered a tender plant; most species can’t tolerate temperatures below 55°F. However, Platycerium bifurcatum and Platycerium veitchii can withstand temperatures as low as 30°F.

How much is a large staghorn fern worth?

On average, plan on budgeting anywhere from $10 to as much as $300+. A 10-year old plant, for example, could cost around $100 to $150 while a plant that is older than 25 years can cost upwards of $500 to $1,000+.

How do you feed bananas to staghorn ferns?

What is the best plant food for staghorn fern?

A: You can use organic fertilizers such as diluted fish emulsion, applied every two to three weeks in spring and summer, if ferns are in containers, or monthly if grown in the garden. Kelp also is good. Or you can use small amounts of a balanced fertilizer such as an 8-8-8.

Are tea bags good for staghorns?

Banana skins, coffee grounds and tea bags are excellent slow release fertilizers that you can place behind your Staghorn or Elkhorn plants.

Are egg shells good for staghorn ferns?

Are eggshells good for staghorn ferns? Eggshells can provide a good source of calcium for plants!

Is Epsom salt good for staghorn ferns?

Epsom salt has minerals perfect for fern growth and fern care.

Is Miracle Grow good for staghorn ferns?

Fern Fertilizer

Outdoor ferns can be fertilized in spring, preferably with a slow-release plant food such as Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed. If plants are divided or transplanted in the fall, there is no need to add fertilizer to the soil at the same time. Watch your ferns for signs of fronds turning brown along the edges.

Are banana skins good for Staghorns?

In the case of at least one plant, the staghorn fern, adding whole banana peels is just as effective as composting them first. You can “feed” a whole peel or even a whole banana to the plant by placing it on top of the plant, among its fronds.

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