What are crystal waist beads for?

Waist beads are commonly used to gauge changes in weight. Rather than step on a scale, people can use waist beads to stay aware of any weight gain or loss in the abdomen. Waist beads don’t stretch. If you were to gain weight, the beads will sit higher on the waist or feel tight.

What does wearing beads around your waist mean?

Waist beads hold deep cultural significance peculiar to the different African societies. Worn by women or sometimes men, these beads are viewed as a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being.

What is the spiritual meaning of waist beads?

In West Africa, the tradition was made popular by the Yoruban tribe of Nigeria. They are worn as a celebration of womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, body shaping, protection and wealth. Waist beads can be considered as “African Lingerie.”

What is the secret of waist bead?

In Sierra Leone, wearing beads around the waist is for luck, to make a child walk, to keep evil people away, to make a man fall in love or for fertility to have children. Waist beads can be worn on babies during a naming ceremony to accentuate their waistlines and encourage their hips to grow.

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Are waist beads supposed to be seen?

In African tradition, waist beads are meant to be worn under clothing,” she said. “They’re for you. It’s personal.

Where is the best place to wear waist beads?

There are many ways to wear waist beads, but the most common is to place them around the waist, just below the navel. You can also wear them around your hips or thighs. Some women wear them all the time, while others only wear them for special occasions.

Does wearing waist beads increase hips?

Women use it to adorn or accentuate their waistline thereby making their hips appear bigger and flexible. It is one of the best selling accessories in west Africa. The Yorubas call it the “ileke” and they come in various shapes and sizes and suited for all body types.

Do men love waist bead?

Most men really like to play with the beads while chatting with their ladies. They also like the feel and touch of the beads on the ladies’ waist. The jiggling of beads on a woman’s waist when she walks, gives her the chance to get her man to focus on her.

Can I wear waist beads if im white?

“One of the most common misconceptions is that waist beads can only be worn by women of African origin and the misconception that women of non-African origin are committing acts of cultural appropriation,” said Kumi. She added, “Waist beads are designed to be worn by women of all shapes, sizes and races.

How many waist beads should I wear?

Waist beads are traditionally worn low and loosely along the lower stomach area. However, some people choose to wear them higher on their waist. You can wear as few or as many waist beads as you feel comfortable in. Most women wear about 3 or more strands.

Who puts on waist beads?

African Waist Beads are one of the most commonly replicated items of personal adornment worn by Ghanaian people. Traditionally, multiple strands of colored beads made from seeds or glass are worn around a woman’s waist to draw attention to, and enhance her femininity.

What religion do waist beads come from?

West Africa

Traditionally unmarried women of the Yoruba tribe wear an ileke, also known as waist beads or waist chains.

Why do men love waist beads?

Waist beads are like Afro-centric lingerie. They’re handmade, feminine and very intimate. Men love them because they find them incredibly sexy.

Do Christians wear beads?

While there are liturgical churches using prayer beads in prayer, non-liturgical Christian churches do not use them.

Can you shower with waist beads?

It is perfectly fine to bathe, shower, swim, exercise, and have sex in traditional African waist beads strung on cotton string. Once tied on securely they become an intimate extension of you, and you do everything in them. Just be mindful not to yank on them while pulling your pants down to use the bathroom.

Should waist beads be tight or loose?

Depending on how you want to wear your waistbeads, you can measure yourself above your navel, just at your navel, or right above your hips. Use a tape measure and measure against your bare skin without sucking in your stomach. You shouldn’t hold the tape loose nor too snug. Think about where you want to wear the beads.

What do waist bead colors mean?

Green waist beads symbolize abundance, nature, and prosperity, while red beads symbolize confidence and vitality. Blue beads convey loyalty and truth, black beads convey power and protection, and pink waist beads convey care, beauty, love, and kindness. White beads convey light and truth.

Do waist beads cause weight loss?

Honestly, waist beads do not make you magically lose weight once you put them on, sorry! However, you wear it to keep track of your weight loss, and your waist will look snatched while you’re at it.

How long should I wear my waist beads?

You can wear your waist beads all day, everyday. They may dull after time from showering, if that happens just polish them with a cloth. If you do want to take them off from time to time you’ll want to tie them loosely from the beginning and then just pull them up and off like a shirt.

How long should waist beads last?

When they are worn properly they can last for years. Be sure that they are not too tight, so that they do not break when you bend or sit (or after you eat too much). I have worn the same set of waist beads for up to 3 years without taking them off. You can wear as few or as many waist beads as you feel comfortable in.

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