Is there a board game subscription service?

UnboxBoardom is a board game subscription box service in which subscribers receive brand-new board games delivered right to their door to keep.

What should be on a board game box?

The board game box has to convey a certain amount of information about the game. A catchy tagline, a recommended age and the number of players needed, for instance. It also has to convey information about the theme of the game itself.

What type of box is a board game box?

Most board game boxes are made of cardboard. There are some games made with tin and wood, but most indie games are made of cardboard to keep prices low.

How do you mail board games?

If the box isn’t divided into compartments, use bubble wrap to keep the elements separate and restrict their movement inside the box. Next, place a few sheets of packing paper on top, especially if you’re packing vintage board games, for better protection. Put the lid of the game box back on and secure it using tape.

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How much does it cost to ship a USPS board game box?

Priority Mail Flat Rate Products
Free Supplies8 Shipping Price Great For…
Large Flat Rate Board Game Box $19.95 Commercial Base $22.45 at Post Office & Online Board Games
Prepaid Forever Priority Mail Flat Rate® Packaging From $9.90 at Post Office & Online Various Options

How much does it cost to ship a flat rate board game box?

The game board box has almost 100 cubic inches more than the regular flat rate box, yet it mails for the same flat rate price of $17.45, or $15.45 if being mailed to an APO or FPO address.

Can board games be shipped USPS Media Mail?

Board games are not considered Media Mail. Media Mail was created to encourage people to send educational materials through the mail. A board game provides entertainment and it is not on the allowable media list so it does not qualify for Media Mail.

How much does it cost to ship games USPS?

How To Ship Video Games With USPS – And How Much Does It Cost? You can easily mail video games to another state using USPS services such as USPS First or Parcel Select, which cost between $10 and $100. Priority services might cost up to $150.

How much does it cost to mail a game system?

What does it cost to ship my system? Most systems can be shipped in the U.S. for $4 to $14 via USPS Parcel Post. The cost to ship your system depends on its size and weight (it costs less to ship a Game Boy Advance than it does an Xbox) and how far you are shipping it.

Do games qualify for Media Mail?

In conclusion, video games, whether on CD-ROM, diskettes, or similar software, regardless of form, or playable systems including computers, do not meet the standards for Media Mail.

Does USPS inspect Media Mail?

2, Media Mail Packages are subject to inspection by the Postal Service™. Upon such inspection, matter not eligible for the Media Mail rate may be assessed at the proper rate and sent to the recipient postage due, or the sender may be contacted for additional postage (DMM 604.8.

What happens if you ship video games Media Mail?

The following items rank high in the “can BLANK be shipped via Media Mail” list: Puzzles: No, USPS classifies puzzles and books of puzzles as entertainment (regardless of how you view them). Video games: No, video games do not qualify and neither do traditional board games.

What Cannot be shipped Media Mail?

Put simply, the items that cannot be shipped via Media Mail are the items that are not approved. This includes any type of advertising, puzzles, video games, vintage magazines (even though their ads are old, they are still ads), pencils, and empty binders.

Why is Media Mail so cheap?

It’s a mail service created specifically for shipping books and other media (like video/sound recordings, reference charts, etc.) It was built to keep costs down for shipping books, so it makes sense that it’s the cheapest option!

Will mailman pick up Media Mail?

Your carrier will also pick up packages sent by alternate methods (Parcel Select Ground, First-Class™, Media Mail, etc.) if there is at least one Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express or approved International package in your shipment.

Can I use my own packaging for Media Mail?

Yes, you can use a box to put those 8 books in for media mail. Debi, you can use any size box as long as it isn’t a priority mail box (will arrive postage due for the higher priority rate if caught). I just recycled an old appliance box to mail 45 books out in a BOB deal. I mailed it media mail with no problem.

Do notebooks count as Media Mail?

Media Mail is a cost-effective way to send materials such as books, cards, calendars, journals, DVDs, and CDs through the U.S. Postal Service.

Does box size matter for Media Mail?

Although your book probably weighs far less, the USPS will allow a max of 70 pounds for a Media Mail shipment. The box or envelope you use to ship the book will need a combined girth (height and width added and multiplied by two) and length of no more than 108 inches.

Which is cheaper Media Mail or Priority?

Pricing: Priority Mail costs more, and prices start at $8.70, while Media Mail starts at $3.19. Prices vary depending on the destination, weight, dimensions, etc. Package pickup: Priority Mail offers free package pickup from your home or business. However, Media Mail packages aren’t eligible for free pickup.

Is it better to mail one big box or two smaller ones?

If possible, it’s often better to ship two smaller boxes rather than one large, heavy box. This will spread the weight of your cargo over two smaller parcels, which can significantly reduce your shipping costs especially if the large box would qualify for large or oversized pricing.

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