Is Scythe good with 2 players?

Scythe is my favorite board game so far. It is dynamic, strategic, beautiful and fun. It works well to play with two players. With the Automa mechanics you can play solo or in a two person game add more players.

What is Scythe the board game about?

Scythe is an engine-building, asymmetric, competitive board game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. It is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor. Become a Stonemaier Champion to save 20% on every webstore order.

How long does a game of Scythe take?

90–115 minutes

Is Scythe a good solo game?

Overall: Scythe is an amazing multiplayer experience and my first solo play was almost as amazing. The automa cards are easy to use and make for a decent opponent.

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Is Scythe good for adults?

The reputable Scythes take great care in selecting who will die, while making sure not to target any one gender, race or age group. The two main characters struggle throughout this novel with the morality of being a Scythe. This book offers a lot of good talking points for adults with kids.

Does Scythe have romance?

There is a small romantic subplot, but there is so much happening that it doesn’t get much attention or time. Death is cured. Humanity is finally at peace. Still, to keep from overpopulation, scythes (agents of death) travel into towns to randomly take the lives of people.

How long is Scythe solo?

Playing time: Solo games can be as quick as 20-minutes, and 2-player games often come in under an hour.

Is a Scythe good in combat?

As a pole weapon, the war scythe is characterised by long range and powerful force (due to leverage). They could be used, depending on construction and tactics, to make slashing or stabbing attacks, and with their uncommon appearance and considerable strength could have a psychological impact on an unprepared enemy.

Is Scythe a good board game?

Scythe is an excellent game that smashes together great euro-style mechanisms and superb thematic gameplay.

Is Scythe a complicated game?

The game is complex, so make sure your gaming partners are ready for a bit of a brain-burning session. But Scythe is also much more elegant and easy to play than it looks on paper, and veteran gamers will find that everything clicks after just a few turns.

What is the main problem in Scythe?

“Scythe”: by Neal Shusterman, New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, Copyright 2016. In the not-too-distant future, humanity has eliminated disease, hunger, and war and even obtained immortality. There is just one problem — overpopulation.

What is the most complicated tabletop game?

8 Most Difficult Board Games For Adults
  • 8/8 Scythe.
  • 7/8 Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.
  • 6/8 Through The Ages: A Story Of Civilization.
  • 5/8 Eldritch Horror.
  • 4/8 Dead Of Winter.
  • 3/8 The Campaign For North Africa.
  • 2/8 Advanced Squad Leader.
  • 1/8 Twilight Struggle.

What is the age rating for Scythe?

This powerful tale is guaranteed to make readers think deeply. Ages 12–up.

Is Blade OK for an 11 year old?

It may reside in the Marvel superhero franchise, but this violent 1998 vampire hunter movie is most definitely not for kids.

Who is the oldest person in Scythe?

Scythe Archimedes is one of the oldest living scythes. He claims he was alive in the Year of the Condor, when the scythedom was first formed, but this is a lie according to Scythe Faraday. He was present at Vernal conclave, the first Conclave Citra and Rowan attended.

Has Scythe been made into a movie?

Scythe is an upcoming movie adaptation of the novel, Scythe by Neal Shusterman. It is currently in development with Universal, and Amblin Entertainment. Neal Shusterman is involved in the project as a producer.

What is Scythe goddards real name?

Robert Goddard was seen as a martyr among the new order scythes.

How old is Rowan and Citra in Scythe?

Sixteen-year-old Citra and Rowan are chosen by a Scythe named Faraday to train as apprentices. Neither likes the idea, but they’re given no choice. Later, Citra becomes an apprentice to Curie, a legendary Scythe, but Rowan is apprenticed to Goddard, who kills for sadistic pleasure.

What is the only natural death in Scythe?

Scythe Curie writes that the only natural death left is death by fire. She finds it comforting that there’s one thing that the Thunderhead can’t control, though it tries. It monitors smoke and heat everywhere. The Tonists sometimes try to burn their deadish, but they’re often unsuccessful.

Who is the hero in scythe?

Main characters

Rowan Damisch – Protagonist; trained by Scythe Faraday and later by Scythe Goddard as an apprentice. He becomes Scythe Lucifer, a vigilante gleaner of corrupt and ‘unworthy’ Scythes.

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