Is moissanite worth buying?

Yes. Moissanites are strong, long-lasting gemstones. A moissanite should last for your entire life without losing its appearance or becoming damaged. If you choose a setting that’s made from a high-quality metal such as platinum or gold, a moissanite ring will last for a very long time.

Does moissanite pass a diamond tester?

Yes, some diamond simulants can pass a diamond tester.

For example, moissanite, a man made gem, may pass as a diamond on a standard tester pen. This is because moissanite also has very high thermal conductivity! Other diamond simulants, such as CZ, will not pass the tester.

Why is moissanite so cheap?

As Moissanite is grown in a laboratory, they do not have the usual cost of digging, shipping and the discovery of a common mineral diamond. So, the Moissanite rings and jewelry cost less per carat than a diamond engagement ring, yet they are a little better. This means a lot of bang for your money.

Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

Moissanite is the second hardest to diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale,” O’Connell says. “Based on rankings from one to 10, diamonds are a 10 and moissanite is a 9.25-9.5.” Moissanite is a very durable option for an engagement ring stone, especially since the material doesn’t scratch easily.

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Why is moissanite not as popular?

It isn’t because Moissanite is a newly discovered gem, but Moissanite simply couldn’t become popular until recent years, due to its extreme rarity, they do not occur naturally on Earth and can only be found in meteorites (more on that below).

Can a jeweler tell moissanite?

There is no definite way to differentiate these jewels from one another. They are difficult to differentiate to the naked eye, and even under a jeweller’s loupe. Moissanite is a true alternative to diamond offering unrivalled beauty and incredible value.

Why is moissanite not as precious as diamond?

Is moissanite a precious stone? Moissanite is not a precious stone. The only precious stones are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. There is no scientific reason why some stones are considered precious and others are semiprecious; it is just a categorization.

Do moissanite rings look fake?

Moissanite is often compared to diamonds and therefore is often treated as a “fake” diamond or “diamond look-alike” rather than a gemstone in its own right.

What are the pros and cons of moissanite?

The Pros and Cons of Moissanite Engagement Rings
  • Moissanite is an Ethical Choice Compared to Many Diamonds.
  • Moissanite Sparkles More Than Diamonds.
  • Moissanite Is Comparable to Diamonds in Hardness.
  • Moissanite Is Cheaper in Price Than Diamonds.
  • Some People Will Make Assumptions Based on Your Non-Traditional Stone Choice.

Does moissanite last like a diamond?

Yes, just like diamonds, a moissanite stone will last for the rest of your life. It is very durable and will hold up to everyday wear and tear. Moissanite will also not lose brilliance or get cloudy over time. Just make sure you choose a durable setting as well in gold or platinum (like you would with a diamond).

Does moissanite lose its sparkle?

Moissanite will not lose its sparkle as time passes. The clarity and color of the stone won’t change through the years. Dirt and grime are the only common elements that may inhibit a ring’s sparkle until it is cleaned. Damaging the surface of moissanite can inhibit sparkle, as it would for any gemstone.

Does moissanite get cloudy over time?

Does Moissanite become cloudy? Natural mineral called silicon carbide is where Moissanite grown from. Therefore, Moissanite will never become cloudy, discolour or change its appearance. A Moissanite will maintain its brilliance, colour and clarity for a lifetime and beyond.

Can moissanite go in the shower?

Yes, you can wear your moissanite engagement ring in the shower. On its own, water will not harm your moissanite stone. However, repeated exposure to soap, shampoo and conditioner can create a build-up of oils on the surface of your ring.

Does sanitizer ruin moissanite?

A: Hand sanitizer is made up of rubbing alcohol and will not hurt diamonds or damage the integrity, value, or brilliance of your stone.

How long will a moissanite last?

Will Moissanite last forever? Yes it will. Moissanite is a beautiful gemstone that is very hard – a 9.25 on the hardness scale! So, just like a Diamond is forever, so too, is Moissanite.

What can damage moissanite?

In addition to running the risk of losing your beautiful piece, chlorine and salt water can damage precious metals. Gemstones are exposed to many different elements when you wear them. Because of this, an organic build-up or “film” can occurs on near-colorless gemstones such as moissanite.

Are there any downsides to moissanite?

There really aren’t any downsides . Moissanite is virtually flawless, extremely clear & very sparkly – with a higher refractive index than diamonds. They truly are stunning. For those who try to pass them off, the double refraction does cause (gorgeous) rainbows.

Do Moissanites chip easily?

Can you crack Moissanite? While Moissanite and Diamond are two of the hardest and most durable gemstones, it is worth noting that no gemstone is indestructible. All gemstones are susceptible to chips and cracks if it encounters enough acute force.

Who makes the highest quality moissanite?

Forever One Moissanite is considered the most premium brand of Moissanite available. Forever One Moissanites are created by Charles & Colvard, a USA based company. It is the original creator of Moissanite gems, and has more experience with creating and faceting Moissanite gems than any company on earth.

Which moissanite brand is closest to a diamond?

Some Moissanite brands like Charles and Colvard sell a near-colorless Moissanite that is the equivalent of a GHI color diamond. Unlike diamonds, colorless moissanite often has a yellow, grey or green tinge under certain lights that is more visible in larger stones.

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