Is it worth buying a cheap paddle board?

The low cost, in itself, is good, of course, but that’s brought about by the low quality of the materials, poor design + no added value (customer support, warranty, etc). As long as you don’t expect too much of the board, the lower price of the iSUP can be considered a positive as it serves the purpose.

Are paddleboards worth the money?

It is the best sport for adventuring and even fishing. When people ask, are paddle boards worth the money, the answer is clear – yes, they are. A paddle board is an investment that can be used for years! If paddle boarding is something you plan on doing often, it’s worth the extra money to get something really good.

Why are red paddle boards so good?

An Authentic Experience

We have always believed riding an inflatable shouldn’t mean compromise on performance, design or quality. Red Paddle Co boards are stiffer and more durable than the competition, and have been designed so you can paddle anywhere.

Are red paddle boards any good?

A mid to upper level quality board, Red Paddle Co includes an amazing bag and a unique pump to go along with what could be one of the best paddles for SUP packages in the market. The materials used to construct the board make it stable, sturdy and durable.

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What is the life expectancy of an inflatable paddle board?

Most frequently used boards, with the proper care, could last between 3-5 years. And for all those boards that are used either extrainously or that are not well cared for can expect them to last 3 years or less.

Is a 3 piece or 2 piece paddle better?

For 90% of casual to enthusiast paddlers, a 3-piece paddle is the best solution.

Are Red SUPs worth the money?

Versatile, easy to ride and with everything you need to get started, the Red Paddle Co Ride MSL inflatable paddle board is an ideal for anyone getting into stand-up paddle boarding. The price means its an investment, but the quality means it’s well worth it if you’re keen to keep up the hobby.

Where are red paddleboards made?


From our purpose-built facility in South Devon, we work hard and play hard. Whether designing new innovative products, or chilling on paddle-outs, life at Red Paddle Co is pretty awesome.

What paddle board brand is best?

  • Best Overall: Hala Rado Inflatable SUP Kit.
  • Best Budget: High Society ZG Inflatable SUP.
  • Best Inflatable: Blackfin iRocker CX Ultra.
  • Best for Fishing: Bote HD Aero 11’6” Bug Slinger Bonefish Inflatable Paddle Board Fishing Package.
  • Best for Long Distances: Badfish Selfie 14 Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboard.

Can I leave my red paddle board inflated?


The answer is yes you can BUT please store it away from the elements, in a cool area out of direct sunlight and ideally off the ground. All inflatable paddle boards will lose some air pressure over time if the board is left inflated day after day.

Can you drink a beer on a paddleboard?

Never Drink While Paddle Boarding

Other things to stay away from while out on the water include any medications that make you drowsy and any other medications that can impair your coordination or judgment. In short, you need to treat drinking and paddleboarding just as you would drinking and driving.

What should you not do when paddle boarding?

Okay so next I’m gonna go over each mistake and show you how to do it correctly.
  1. Not Wearing A Leash.
  2. Going Out In The Wrong Conditions.
  3. Not Controlling Their Board.
  4. Not Being Centered On The Board.
  5. Failing to Get Back Onto the Board.
  6. Looking Down For Balance.
  7. Falling Onto The Board.
  8. Paddling Too Far Off the Board.

Is it better to store inflatable paddle board inflated or deflated?

Over Expansion in Paddle Boards

There is no rule saying you can’t leave your paddle board inflated; however, we strongly recommend that if you’re leaving your SUP in storage for long periods of time, you should deflate it to keep it in its best possible condition.

What can you not do on an inflatable paddle board?

5 Things to Never Do To Your Stand Up Paddle Board!
  • Don’t Stand On Your SUP Unless You Are On Water.
  • Don’t Paddle Board in Water That is Less Than Knee Deep.
  • Protect Your SUP!

Do inflatable paddle boards break easily?

Being an inflatable of course tears and leaks are going to be a concern. I don’t see them often but they definitely do happen. In general most inflatable paddle boards are made quite strong and durable. Some of the cheaper models have less layers and are therefore more prone to tears.

Can you leave an inflatable paddle board outside?

As a general rule of thumb, never store your paddle board outside for long periods of time. Always store your paddle board in a climate-controlled space between 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to always wash and dry your board off after use before storing to avoid mold and a stinky paddle board.

Is it OK to paddleboard in the rain?

Stand Up Paddle boarding in rain is possible. In fact, this watersport can be practiced all year around. SUP boarders may experience colder and rougher conditions in rainy weather. Therefore, appropriate preparations are necessary.

How cold is too cold for paddle boarding?

Water temperatures between 60-70F will create difficulty breathing and potential immediate shock. Water temperatures between 50F-60F are extremely dangerous and represent a significant risk from rapid cold water immersion.

Can you paddle board without getting wet?

Why am I so shaky on my paddle board?

The shaky leg sensation when paddleboarding mainly affects beginner riders and can put be down to several reasons; challenging conditions, under-inflated boards, inadequate equipment, nerves, incorrect stance, or incorrect technique.

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