How many watts is a sundown ZV5 15?

Sundown Audio Zv5 15 – 2000w RMS
Specifications ZV5 15″ DUAL 1 OHM ZV5 15″ DUAL 2 OHM
Qes 0.49 0.50
Qms 3.81 4.27
Qts 0.43 0.45
Le (mH) 0.74 1.67

How much does a sundown ZV5 15 weight?

This motor drives a 3″ diameter 4-Layer Flat Wire Aluminum Voice Coil wound on a thick aluminum former to incredible levels of excursion.

Available Model Variations:

DC Resistance (Re) Ω 4.0
Voice Coil Inductance (Le) mH 1.67
Force Factor (BL) NA 22.7
Moving Mass (incl. Air Load) (Mms) g 375.7

What Sundowns subwoofer is best?

  • #1 Sundown Audio SA-12 D4 REV. 3 12 inch Subwoofer – Best Sundown Subwoofer.
  • #2 Sundown Audio SA-10 D2 REV. 3 – Best Sundown 10 Inch Subwoofer.
  • #3 Sundown Audio E-10 V. 3 D4 – Best Affordable 10-Inch Sub.

How much does a Zv6 15 weigh?

A: Hey Eric, it’s actually right at 100 lbs!

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How much does a sundown Zv6 weigh?

T/S SPECS Zv6 18″ D1 Zv6 18″ D2
Le (mH) 0.83 1.65
BL (NA) 16.5 22.5
Mms (Grams) 458.7 467.0
Cms (uM/N) 0.08 0.09

How much power can a sundown Zv6 take?

Description. The Sundown Audio Zv6 is the fan favorite Zv5 beefed up! the new woofers offer a quad stacked motor with a thicker top plate (5mm), and will come standard with 8 layer coils for additional BL and more power handling of 2500 watts!

What does a sundown Zv5 12 weigh?

5 D1 12″ ZV5 Series Dual 1-Ohm Car Subwoofer. Sundown Audio Z-15 V.

Available Model Variations:

DC Resistance (Re) Ω 4.0
Voice Coil Inductance (Le) mH 1.78
Force Factor (BL) NA 22.5
Moving Mass (incl. Air Load) (Mms) g 298.7

How much does a sundown x12 v3 weigh?

Only 17 left in stock – order soon.

Product information.

Item Weight ‎70 pounds
Best Sellers Rank #165,587 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #781 in Car Component Subwoofers

How much does a sundown x18 weigh?

80 pounds

How tall is a sundown x12?

Sundown X 12 Box Design information :

Sealed N/A. Ported 2.50 ft^3. Displacement 0.20 ft^3. Depth 9.67″

Where is Audiopipe made?

Audiopipe is in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Is Audiopipe a good subwoofer?

For the price these things are hard to beat and take a beating and keep on working like a work horse and sound very good and bass response is very good and deep and punchy. I’ve seen other videos where people put more watts to them and still can handle it like a champ but that would be at your own discretion.

Are Kicker subs made in China?

Kicker is made in stillwater, OK. Pioneer and Alpine are both Japanese.

Who bought hifonics?

The Hifonics brand is owned by Maxxsonics, based near Chicago, IL, and continues feeding those who seek more from sound with an earthshaking experience that delivers godlike adrenaline, massive power, and undistorted playback of superior sound.

Who makes Crunch amplifiers?

Crunch has created ground-pounding sound in the mobile audio industry for over three decades. Being a part of the Maxxsonics family since 2001, Crunch offers a wide variety of products ranging in features, price, and power to fit into any system design.

Who makes autotek?

The Autotek brand is owned by Maxxsonics, based near Chicago, IL.

How many watts is a Hifonics Zeus?

Hifonics ZEUS GAMMA mono subwoofer audio amplifier delivers 1200 watts with Simpatico coil design (SPC) that features PWM MOSFET power supply for maximum current levels.

Is 300 watts good for bass?

Bass amps between 300 and 350 should be powerful enough for most situations. Around 300 watts is a good ballpark for most bassists who play in a loud band. You need enough power to be heard above the guitar amps and drums.

How many watts is a DS18?

DS18 Candy-6 Amplifier in Black – Class D, 6 Channel, 1800 Watts Max, Digital, 1-8 Ohm – Premium Amplifier for Speakers in Car Audio System.

How many watts is a Rockford Fosgate p2002?

200 Watt 2-Channel Amplifier | Rockford Fosgate ®

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