How do you wear a pocket square 2022?

Pocket Square Rules
  1. Choose a secondary colour from your shirt or tie as the primary colour for your pocket square.
  2. Don’t overdo the patterns, ensure some articles of clothing are flat colours which will accentuate the colours in your pocket square or tie.
  3. Don’t directly match your tie and pocket square.

Should your pocket square match your tie?

Matching A Tie And Pocket Square

Although it might seem like an easy way to coordinate your outfit, matching your pocket square and tie or bow tie is a definite no-no. Instead, the pocket square should complement the rest of your look: either by harmonising or contrasting with your other accessories.

Do men still wear pocket squares?

In all reality, most men don’t wear pocket squares because they truly don’t know it is an option, they don’t know where you get them or even how you fold them to make them work. This is why most haven’t even considered them as part of their suit/jacket arsenal. Some might fear that it may draw attention to you.

What is the purpose of a pocket square?

Less simply put: you use a handkerchief to blow your nose, mop up spills, or even just to dab the sweat off your brow. A pocket square’s function is style – it can be used to express your creativity, to create a dapper 1920s feel, or simply to add a pop of color to an otherwise drab suit.

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When should you wear a pocket square?

3. When you don’t want to wear a tie. “A pocket square can do the same job a tie does—of smartening up a suit or blazer and smart trousers. In fact, because pocket squares are far less of a go-to than ties are, they can make outfits more thought-through and style-conscious.

What’s the difference between a pocket square and a handkerchief?

The main difference between these two items is how they’re intended to be used: The pocket square is just for show. It belongs in the breast pocket of your jacket, where it can help accent your suit or complement your tie. The handkerchief is intended to be used, and it should be kept out of sight.

Is it OK to wear a pocket square to an interview?

Pocket Squares

Pocket squares are another fashion accessory that you should only wear for certain job interviews. In this case, if you are going to an interview that is formal or where the dress code is business formal or professional, you may want to consider adding a pocket square to your suit jacket.

Does a white pocket square go with everything?

White pocket square rules; for the most part, there are no rules. White pocket squares work with every jacket and tie combination and colour so you can never really get it wrong with a white pocket square.

What material is best for pocket square?

When in doubt, white cotton or linen is the safest bet for your pocket square fabric. You can never go wrong adding it to the suit and white shirt combo. Depending on the fold you choose, it can look either formal or casual. It should go without saying that your pocket square needs to be clean and ironed.

Who is known for wearing a red pocket square?

Like his fellow Rat Pack comrade Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin was a major proponent of the red silk pocket square, albeit worn more rakishly unstructured than the Chairman’s preferred TV fold… a difference that reflects both men’s styles, sartorial and otherwise.

Can I wear a white pocket square with a white shirt?

If you’re still unsure what to wear, a white pocket square is a safe choice because it will go with any suit or color combination. Here at Trafalgar, we recommend silk pocket squares. The smooth, shimmering material has the most luxurious look.

What is the best size for a pocket square?

Generally pocket squares range from 10 x 10 inches to 17 x 17 inches. We recommend staying on the larger end. Create a hem by folding one side in about ¼ inch and ironing it in place. Then make a second fold and iron it to cover up the frayed edges.

What pocket square goes with a GREY suit?

Go for a grey suit and a red pocket square to feel fully confident and look casually dapper. Opt for a pair of beige suede espadrilles and you’re all done and looking awesome. Such pieces as a grey suit and a red pocket square are the ideal way to inject some cool into your daily casual arsenal.

How do you match a tie and pocket square?

Is wearing a pocket square formal?

A pocket square is part of formal attire that decorates in the pocket of a suit jacket. There are various ways to fold a pocket square, and this simple accessory can add personal style to your outfits.

Is a pocket square appropriate for a wedding?

While they are more common now, pocket squares are typically used for a dressy occasion which makes them the perfect accessory for a wedding suit or tuxedo. The pattern and color options of these perfect squares are endless. Pocket squares can compliment your shoes, suit, tie, watch, boutonniere, etc.

How much should a pocket square cost?

Price: What to Spend on a White Pocket Square

As a general rule, you’re probably going to want to pay between $40 and $80 US dollars for a quality pocket square. Anything under $15 will probably be made from inferior materials, and anything under $30 or so will probably lack finer points of detailing.

Should father of the bride wear a pocket square?

Dad can wear a tie, bow tie, and/or pocket square that complements what the groomsmen are wearing, or he can choose to coordinate his accessories with his partner’s attire. “The father of the bride should feel free to experiment with accessories,” continues Men’s Wearhouse.

Can you wear a pocket square with a sports coat?

You can always wear pocket squares with suits or sports jackets, from the most formal to a casual occasion. However, never add a pocket square to an overcoat, coat or shirt as this will look out of place.

Should I wear a pocket square on a dinner?

When should I wear a pocket square? You can wear a pocket square any time you wear a suit or jacket. You can wear it for a regular day at the office or with your coat at a Nobel Prize dinner. The great thing about a pocket square is that it’s both informal and formal, meaning that it always works.

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