How do you play the game?

What is the object of the game Clue?

You will secretly look at the cards and if your accusation was right, you reveal the cards to the other players and win the game. If you are wrong you quietly put the cards back into the envelope and no longer participate in the game. Your clue cards are also revealed for all other players to see.

How do you guess on Clue?

By making Suggestions, you try to determine – by process of elimination — which three cards are in the confidential Case File envelope. To make a Suggestion, move a Suspect and a Weapon into the Room that you just entered. Then suggest that the crime was committed in that Room, by that Suspect, with that Weapon.

How do you win at Clue?

Strategies for How to Win at Clue (Cluedo)
  1. Figure Out Your Opponents’ Cards.
  2. Eliminate One Possibility Every Turn.
  3. Focus on Rooms.
  4. Use the Secret Passages.
  5. Spend Time in Rooms You Have.
  6. Take Notes and Avoid Sharing New Information.
  7. Pay Attention to Opponent Suggestions.

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Is Clue a game of luck or skill?

Clue is a widely-known board game in which the ultimate goal is to identify among the group of players who murdered the game’s victim, where the crime took place, and which weapon was used. As with all games, players typically need elements of both skill and luck.

Is Clue a good game for adults?

No board game list is complete without the classics, and Clue is one of those must-have games that everyone loves. Play detective and try to figure out which one of the game’s iconic characters committed murder—and where and with what weapon.

What are the chances of winning Clue on the first turn?

In a standard game of Clue 1, there are six character cards, six weapon cards, and nine location cards. Without any information at all, that gives the odds of correctly guessing on your first turn at only 1/6 × 1/6 × 1/9 = 1/342, which is frequent enough that anyone who plays Clue many times is likely to encounter it.

Is there a trophy in Clue?

In addition, an axe, trophy, and poison have been added, bringing the total number of murder weapons up to nine as follows: Rope (orig., used in many editions) Candlestick (orig., used in many editions)

Why do you need 3 players for Clue?

The game is about deducing what cards the other players are holding; cards you know aren’t in anyone else’s hand are in the solution envelope. That’s why you need at least three people to play Clue.

How many cards do you start with in Clue?

Appoint a dealer. The dealer separates the 21 Clue cards by type – there are 6 Suspect cards, 6 Vehicle cards, and 9 Destination cards. He or she shuffles each type separately, face down, and then selects one of each type, sight unseen. These three cards represent the SOLUTION to the crime.

How many cards do you give to each player in Clue?

Can you show someone the same card multiple times in Clue?

No, that would be strictly against the rules. All you can say is the current clue and a number.

Can 2 people be in the same room in Clue?

You can’t stay in the same room for more than one round (as the others said). You are, however, allowed to stay in a room if your meeple has been brought their through someone else’s suggestion!

Can you stay in the same room two turns in a row in Clue?

No. Excerpt taken from Cluedo 2000 rules : “You cannot stay in the same room whilst trying to eliminate it from the investigation; you must leave it and re-enter each time. You cannot leave and re-enter a room on the same turn, even by a different door.”

What happens if you guess wrong in Clue?


If the Accusation is incorrect, the player returns the three Clue Cards to the envelope unseen by any other player and replaces it on the board.

Can you refuse to show a card in Clue?

The moment someone shows you a card, no one else needs to show you a card. This is not a normal Clue rule. In regular Clue, once a player shows you a card, your turn ends.

What do the X’s mean in Clue?

The app automatically tracks basic information for you, adding a tick when you know a player holds a card, and a cross when you know they don’t. Keep an eye on this! If a suspect, weapon or room has a cross in each column, that means that no-one has the card and it must be involved in the murder!

Why did they get rid of white in Clue?

The answer, in fact, is that the makers of famous board game Cluedo have simply decided the famous character is no longer up to date. The housekeeper of Tudor Mansion has been replaced after more than 60 years as a suspect behind the murder of Dr Black.

How many endings did Clue have?

Three different endings exist for this movie, each with a different person being the killer. In theaters, only one of the endings was shown. Television and rental versions include all of the endings. In some television broadcasts of the movie, the “drawing lots” scene in the kitchen is cut out.

What is Mrs. White’s real name?

Discover the Secrets: Mrs. White had been completely reinvented as Diane White, an aspiring former child actress waiting for her day of recognition. The Classic Mystery Game: “White” is now an alias for the youthful Alexis Villenueve, in the game’s first depiction as her being of African-descent.

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