How do I make Albedo cosplay?

Albedo wears a long white coat with short sleeves and a black hood. Underneath he wears an indigo blue shirt and a pair of black shorts, black over-the-knee boots with silver accents, and long black gloves. He carries his vision just below the collar of his shirt.

Is Albedo a boy or girl?

Albedo was a short and slender young man with pale skin and a golden diamond-shaped mark at the center of his neck.

Is Albedo made of chalk?

During Act 1 of the Princeps Cretaceus story, Albedo mentions he is born “of chalk” rather than earth and therefore is “free of impurities.” Additionally, Albedo compares himself to the Traveler in the sense they are “both composed of a substance that has yet to be fully defined.”

Is Albedo a synthetic human?

Albedo is a synthetic human. He was created by Rhinedottir, also known as Gold, a researcher from Khaenri’ah, an underground nation which fell during the cataclysm.

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How old is Albedo human years?

Albedo’s Approximate Age In Genshin Impact

He’s described as a “young man” who is of legal drinking age. The legal drinking age is 18 in China, where Genshin Impact’s developer miHoYo is located. All these hints combined with Albedo’s youthful appearance have led fans to speculate that he is approximately 18 years old.

Who is Albedo shipped with?

Kaebedo is the slash ship between Kaeya Alberich and Albedo from the Genshin Impact fandom.

What type of demon is Albedo?

Being a succubus, Albedo appears to have an appearance between a demoness and a fallen angel with two pairs of black wings and horns. She wears a long, white dress that hides her feet, in addition with gloves as well.

What is Albedo original form?

Albedo originally had an Omnitrix he had built himself, giving him access to all of Ben’s unlocked alien forms. However, his Omnitrix was only working by syncing data from Ben’s Omnitrix, inadvertently causing him to assume Ben’s form as it was the default.

What is a synthetic human?

A “Synthetic Human” is a type of cyborg created by Skynet. A Synthetic Human features a human brain housed in an endoskull. Skynet has Synthetic Humans reside in a “model city” named Bedford Falls in Florida, where they are served by Terminators. Advertisement.

Is Albedo from Overlord a demon?

She is a demoness who holds the title of Guardian Overseer, which is the highest-ranking position in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick.

Who is Albedo boyfriend in Overlord?

Ainz Ooal Gown

As such, Albedo is completely infatuated with Ainz and is absolutely loyal to him. Even when he tells her that she only loves him because he made her that way, the only problem she has with it is if it causes him trouble.

Is Albedo a masochist?

Albedo’s immortality allows him to display a unique sort of masochism, such as dismembering his arm and decapitating his head. He also has a very sadistic personality, and enjoys watching people die and struggle to survive.

Does Albedo hate her creator?


While the other Floor Guardians hold somewhat of a fond memory of the human who created them, Albedo is the opposite. While she admits that she would not be here if Tabula Smaragdina did not create her, she hates him for an unknown reason.

Who betrays Albedo?

Albedo, likewise, did not betray Ainz. She had, however, committed a sacrilege that some might regard as a complete betrayal. It comes out that Albedo, unbeknownst to Ainz, established a death brigade with the sole aim of hunting and killing the other Supreme Beings.

Is Pandora’s actor stronger than Albedo?

Albedo, the overseer of guardians, considers him to be equal to her and Demiurge in terms of intelligence. There was even a rumor floating around in Nazarick that the strength of Pandora’s Actor is supposedly on the same level as the rest of the Floor Guardians like Sebas Tian and Shalltear Bloodfallen as well.

Is Albedo jealous of Pandora’s actor?

Albedo had no prior interactions with Pandora’s Actor until she visits the Treasury with Ainz. What is known is that she is extremely jealous of him as he is the only NPC whose creator remains in Nazarick. When he impersonates her creator, Tabula Smaragdina, she immediately wants to kill him for the impudent act.

Why is Albedo afraid of destroying Mondstadt?

As hinted at the end of the 1.2 Event, Albedo believes that he too could end up destroying a nation, Mondstadt, because he’s one of Rhine’s creations. This would be accidental, Albedo isn’t evil and wants the Traveler to stop him if this ever happens.

Is Albedo Klee’s dad?

Albedo and Klee aren’t blood-related, but Alice helped to take care of Albedo and asked that he think of Klee as his sister. The two have taken on a sibling-like relationship, and Albedo is close to Klee.

Did Albedo get stabbed?

It would be an understatement to say that the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms event contained great cut scenes, especially during the introduction of the Whopperflower boss and Albedo stabbing himself. Amblehhh🌸| Commissions Open!

Is Albedo married to AINS?

No, and they never will. The show makes it clear it’s a running gag, not a serious romance.

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