Can you put any washer and dryer on a pedestal?

Pedestals are made for front-load washers and dryers. Top-load washers and dryers will be more difficult to unload with the added height of a pedestal. Only use pedestals for side-by-side washer and dryer installations. You cannot use a pedestal to stack a washer and dryer.

Can I put a Samsung washer on an LG pedestal?

The LG front loading clothes washer DOES NOT fit the Samsung pedestals. They are the exact same size, but the feet for the washer are in a different place than the Samsung feet are.

Will my new washer fit on my old pedestal?

Sadly not, if the current pedestals aren’t compatible then you would simply have to buy the compatible ones.

Can you use a Whirlpool pedestal with an LG washer?

Pedestal XHP1000XW will not work with an LG Dryer. The height is 10 inches and the depth is 26 13/16 inches for the Pedestal.

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Are LG and Kenmore pedestals interchangeable?

Pedestals (and this device) are interchangeable between LG and Kenmore, provided the Kenmore washer has the drain on the front. If the Kenmore front-load washer does not have the drain in front, it is made by Electrolux and has a different foot pattern.

Do LG pedestals fit all models?

A: They come as individual units. A: This LG pedestals is meant to fit all LG full-size washer and dryer units.

Can you use the pedestal from a different brand?

Similar to stackable washers and dryers, you should try to match the brand of your laundry pedestals to your washer and dryer. While some laundry pedestals might be universal, things like the pedestal’s dimensions, color/finish, weight limit and features can vary from brand to brand.

Are Whirlpool pedestals interchangeable?

Thank you for your inquiry regarding our Whirlpool appliances! A: Dear Customer: Although the older pedestals will fit the new Whirlpool front load washers (and visa versa), the older pedestals’ visual design and colors will not match the newer washers.

Can I put an LG washer on a GE pedestal?

yes only if the foot print of the GE pedestal and LG dryer are the same.

How do I connect my pedestal to my LG washer?

Can I use my old LG pedestal with my new LG washer?

All of the other specs are identical. A: I was told by two different sources that the old LG pedestals will not work with the new WM3670 washers. The design change for the new models. While the pedestal is the same size as the old, the washer and dryer attachments have changed.

Are laundry pedestals worth it?

Pedestals are not a necessary addition to your laundry room, but they might provide that extra bit of storage space and element of accessibility that you’ve been looking for!

Can you put a LG washer on a Maytag pedestal?

Dear Customer, No, LG pedestals are not designed for Maytag laundry pairs.

How do you lift a washing machine on a pedestal by yourself?

Grab the top of the machine at the back. Tilt the device towards you by pulling the top towards you and taking one step back. If you’re holding the bottom, grab the front leg on one side and the back of the washing machine on the other side.

Why do washers need pedestals?

A washer pedestal is a platform installed under a front-load washing machine to raise it off of the floor. This can make it easier to access laundry by bringing the door closer to chest height. Many laundry pedestals also feature a large storage drawer to help organize laundry items.

Do all Samsung washers fit the same pedestal?

A: Samsung utilizes one pedestal for their washers. As long as you are purchasing a current washer, you should have no problems. A: The Samsung base fits all Samsung washers. Think twice about buying a new Samsung washer.

Does Lowes install washer dryer pedestals?

We’ll connect you with a professional independent installer for your washer and dryer installation. We can help set up both gas dryers and electric dryers and so much more.

How do you attach a pedestal to a front load washer?

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