Can you play Mexican Train with double 15 dominoes?

It’s called Mexican train because this variation has an extra train that is open to all players. Like other versions of train, the object of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all of your dominoes. The game can be played with double-12, double-15 or double-18 domino sets,

How many players can play with a double 15 in Mexican Train?

Number of players/domino set: 2 to 4 players using a double-9 set; 2 to 8 players using a double-12 set; and 9-12 players, or more, using a double-15 or 18 set. Adaptations can be easily made should your players/sets not exactly fit this guideline.

How many dominoes do you start with in double 15?

Double-fifteen dominoes with 136 tiles. Double-eighteen dominoes with 190 tiles.

How many dominoes are in Mexican Train double 15?

Mexican Train Dominoes Set Double 15, 136 Colored dot Tiles with Hard EVA Carry Case for Kids & Adults Dominoes Board Game.

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What is the difference between double 12 and double 15 dominoes?

Start with blanks, line them all up, then 1s, all lined up There are 91 tiles in a double 12 set, 136 in double 15 set.

How do you play 15 dominoes?

Whenever your play leaves a 15, every other player must pick a tile immediately. Whenever you leave a 14, you may play again (on any arm), if able. Whenever you leave a 13, you cast a “spell.” The next player must break the spell by playing immediately on that piece, with another 13, or with a double.

How many dominoes of each number are in Mexican Train?

Mexican Train Dominoes are played with a standard set of Double Twelve dominoes. Each set has 91 dominoes and we recommend that dominoes with coloured spots are used because otherwise it becomes difficult to match dominoes at a glance.

How many dominoes do you get in Mexican Train dominoes?

How many dominoes are in a double 12 set?

The same game can be played with a double-twelve set (91 tiles) or a double-nine set (55 tiles) domino sets. With a double-twelve set, four players would pick 12 tiles each and with a double-nine set, nine tiles would be taken at the start.

How many dominoes do you start with in double 12?

Each player draws seven dominoes and stands them so that the dots are hidden from the other players. The remaining dominoes become the draw pile (“boneyard”). OBJECT To win a round, be the first player to play all your dominoes.

What is the easiest domino game?

Block or “the Block Game” for two players is the simplest basic domino variant and gives its name to the whole family of ‘block games’. It requires a double-six set, from which each player must draw seven tiles; the remainder is not used.

What are the rules for doubles in Mexican Train?

Placing dominoes and playing doubles

Doubles are any tile that show the same number of pips on each side. Playing a double grants you another turn, but must be “closed” by playing another tile on them before you can play anywhere else. If you can’t close the double, draw 1 tile from the boneyard.

What is the difference between double 6 and double 12 dominoes?

Domino games may be played by any number of persons from two to ten. Sets in sizes known as Double-Six, Double-Nine and Double- Twelve are manufactured for the Milton Bradley Company, Springfield, Massachusetts, 01101. The Double-Six set contains 28 tiles, the Double-Nine 55 tiles, and the Double-Twelve 91 tiles.

What dominoes are in a double 15 set?

A double-fifteen set contains 136 dominoes, with the numbers on the tiles ranging from 0 (or blank) to 15. In a double-fifteen set, there are sixteen suits (blank, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15), each with sixteen members.

What is the difference between Mexican Train and dominoes?

What is the difference between dominoes and Mexican Train? Both Dominoes and Mexican Train, as Americans call them, push players to rid their hand of as many dominoes as possible. In Mexican Train, a special optional train that belongs to all players is played, along with several “branches”.

What if your last domino is a double?

Your turn ends after you play one domino that is not a double or (being unable to do so) you pass and place your penny on your train. The only exception to this is that if your very last domino is a double you may go out with it: in that case the game ends immediately and is scored.

Can you end with a double in Mexican Train?

If they cannot “finish the double”, they must draw a domino, and if they cannot play it on the double, their own train becomes “public”. Single and double blanks are considered wilds. Mexican train dominoes can end on a double. Branching on doubles as in Chicken Foot is allowed as an option (see Variations below).

What is the 2 minute rule Dominos?

Under the scheme, customers check in when they arrive at a Domino’s and have their orders brought to their cars within two minutes.

How do you satisfy a double in Mexican Train?

If a player plays a “double”, the double must be placed perpendicular to the train played on. The player must then immediately play another domino from his hand on to the double thus “satisfying the double”, or on to any public trains.

How do you satisfy a double in dominoes?


If a player plays a double domino they must immediately “satisfy” that double domino by playing a second domino that has one end that matches the double domino. If that player does not have a matching domino in their hand they must draw a domino from the boneyard.

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