Can Mexican Train be played online?

MexicanTrain. online is an online, multi-player version of the classic game enjoyed by so many that you can play in real-time. Simply sign in and start a game. Enjoy hours of free, leisurely fun!

Is there a Mexican Train app?

Mexican Train Dominoes Game App Online and for iOS and Android. The traditional game of Mexican Train Dominoes is now available on iOS and Android. Hone your skills with this free version by playing against three computer opponents.

Is Mexican Train on PC?

You can play Mexican Train Dominoes on your Windows 10 PC for free, anytime in your web browser at There are several great reasons to prefer playing in your browser vs downloading all these apps to your PC: Fast and secure, with no download link or installation process.

Is there another name for the game Mexican Train?

In the United States, it’s “Mexican Train Dominos“. In Cuba, it’s “Longana” and in Mexico, the game is called “Dominó Cubano”.

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What is a double zero in Mexican Train?

If you have a double zero (which has no dots on it) when the game ends, it’s worth 50 points!! You don’t want to be left stuck with that double zero domino. The exception to this rule is during the final round, where double zeroes is the starting domino.

What if no one can satisfy a double in Mexican Train?

If they cannot satisfy the double from hand, they draw a tile and if that does not match the double either, they pass and place a penny on their own train; the duty of satisfying the double then passes to the following player in turn.

Is Chicken Foot and Mexican Train the same game?

Chicken Foot Dominoes, based on the domino game Maltese Cross, appears to have originated in Texas or Mexico. It is part of the same family of games that includes Mexican Train and is also known as Chickenfoot Dominoes, Chicken Dominoes, and Chickie Dominoes.

What is the game called train?

Train is a board game designed by Brenda Romero in 2009. In the game, players are tasked with transporting passengers along a railway before their opponents. At the end of the game, it is revealed that the final station is Auschwitz concentration camp, and that the players had been participating in the Holocaust.

How do you play Mexican Train?

What do you say when you have one domino left in Mexican Train?

Everyone knows that one. But one table rule that often goes unnoticed is the “Mexican Train tapping rule”. The rule says once you’re down to one playable tile you must tap the domino or table loudly enough people can hear it. Alternatively, you can say “uno” to indicate you have one tile.

Can you end your first turn in Mexican Train with a double?

Note: If a player ends his train in a double on the first turn, everyone continues finishing their first turn according to the rules. However, on the second turn players must “satisfy” the double (as explained in the Playing Doubles section) before any other type of play can be made.

Can you play on the Mexican Train if you haven’t started your own?

If a player cannot start their train, draw 1 tile from the boneyard. If you still can’t play, place a marker, such as a quarter or other coin, at the end where your tile should be. Play repeats and moves to the next player clockwise.

Can you end on a double in Mexican trains?

If they cannot “finish the double”, they must draw a domino, and if they cannot play it on the double, their own train becomes “public”. Single and double blanks are considered wilds. Mexican train dominoes can end on a double. Branching on doubles as in Chicken Foot is allowed as an option (see Variations below).

How many open trains can you have in Mexican Train?

The official ruling appears to be that there is one train per player, and one Mexican Train (or Caboose) which is public and always open to all players.

Why are there no long distance passenger trains in Mexico?

The continuous lack of investment and failure to modernize by the state-owned railways happened, in part, as the proliferation of roads, bus companies, and air routes burgeoned, putting all but an end to long-distance rail passenger traffic in Mexico.

What happens if you run out of draw tiles in Mexican Train?

If there are no more tiles in the “bone pile,” a player must pass and place a marker on his train. The round is over when one player has played his final tile or when the game is blocked because no one holds a playable tile and all tiles in the “bone pile” have been drawn.

What if your last domino is a double in Mexican Train?

Winning. The aim is to be the first player to get rid of all the dominoes in their hand. As soon as this happens, even if the last tile is a Double, the game ends. The winning player scores zero; the other players score the total of the number of spots on the dominoes still left in their hands.

What happens if you cant close a double in Mexican Train?

If the subsequent players cannot close the double even after drawing, they must place a marker on their personal train. If it is impossible to close a double because all 12 tiles that would match it have already been played, that open double does not restrict play.

What is the double blank worth in Mexican Train?

If a player has no remaining tiles, he is the winner. If there is no player that has dominoed, then all players must total the number of pips (dots) on their remaining tiles. Each blank scores 25 points and the double blank domino scores 50 points.

Can you put a blank domino on anything?

Game Option 1: Blanks can be used as “wild cards” where they are without number in and may join with any tiles regardless of numeral including other blanks. Game Option 2: Blanks count as zero and can be joined only to other blanks, not to any other number.

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