Are Gateron KS-9 good?

DURABLE – Gateron KS-9 Switches have a lifetime rating of 50 million keystrokes, making them extremely durable and reliable. COMPATIBILITY – The plate-mounted mechanical switches are compatible with Cherry-Style Hotswap Keyboards such as Cherry MX, Kailh, Otemu and other mechanical Gateron Switches.

What are KS-9 switches?

Gateron KS-9 series of key switches are clones of Cherry MX key switches and designed for SMD LEDs. The outer shapes and internals are virtually identical to Cherry MX. All parts should be interchangeable except for the leaf springs that perform the electric switching.

Which Gateron switch is Thocky?

Its unique name aside, the Gateron Oil King 80g linear switch is largely considered to be the true successor to the Gateron Ink Black – rather than the Box Ink V2 – with its deep, “thocky” sound profile. This can be attributed to its nylon top housing, as well as “ink-material” bottom housing.

Is Gateron or Cherry MX better?

Gateron switches are smoother, which make them feel better than Cherry. Cherry MX switches last longer than Gateron switches but are pricier. If you’re on a budget Gateron switches are the way to go, while Cherry can be better for a higher-end keyboard.

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What is the smoothest Gateron switch?

Gateron’s signature is an extremely smooth keystroke, so we recommend trying out one of the Gateron linear switches such as a Red, Yellow, or Black switch. The Gateron ink switches are extra smooth, so we would rank them as the best if we had to choose.

Is Gateron a Chinese brand?

Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

(Chinese: 惠州佳达隆电子科技有限公司, “Huizhou Jia Dalong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.”), is an electronics manufacturer in China.

Is Cherry MX the best switch?

Cherry MX Blue is considered to be the best switch for typing. It has a “clicky” sound to it with a high actuation force and tactile feel.

What switches are better than Cherry MX?

Whether you’re looking for silent switches or clicky switches, there are plenty of brands producing high-quality mechanical keyboard switches.

Either way, here are our picks for the best alternatives to Cherry MX switches.

  • Gateron Switches.
  • Kailh Switches.
  • Razer Switches.
  • Outemu Switches.
  • Gazzew Switches.

Is Cherry MX the best keyboard?

Cherry MX switches are a great option because they are incredibly well-produced and have a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes. Not to mention, you have the option between the entire lineup, including the specialty switches. Kailh switches are also a good option if you’re into clicky switches.

Which switch is best for gaming?

Linear switches are by far the best for gaming. The reason is, linear switches are smooth and consistent. Each keystroke is clean with no bump or click noise. If you need to press a ton of keys in rapid succession, you don’t want to worry about the tactile bump distracting you or throwing off the switch acutation.

What is the best Thocky switch?

The best switch for a “thocky” keyboard. An improvement on the venerable Gateron Black Ink, the Gateron Box Ink V2 switches slightly alter the sound profile and greatly improve stability, but still benefit from switch film and lube to bring out their full potential.

What is the fastest switch?

Linear switches don’t have any audible click or tactile bump when a key is pressed. They’re the fastest out of all mechanical switches since it’s literally a straightforward press of the switch.

What color switch is the loudest?

At the other end, the blue switches are still mechanical clicky keys, but they’re more suited for typing since they have strong tactile feedback. They are the loudest Cherry MX switch variety, but they’re great for anyone who loves that classic click.

Which switch has least noise?

#1 Pick: Gateron Silent Red/Black

Gateron Silent Red and Blacks are both linear switches that are super smooth and super quiet. Gateron switches are known to be budget-friendly, so they make an excellent option for those who don’t have a ton to spend on switches.

Which switch has deepest sound?

Gat Black Inks are one of the deepest sounding linear switches, and are relatively smooth stock.

  • The silent variant of the Gat Ink Black, Silent Inks are similarly a great stock switch.
  • The limited sound they produce tends to be deeper/thockier than other silent switches.

What is the Clickiest gaming keyboard?

If you’re looking for a loud and clicky mechanical keyboard, we highly recommend the Drop ALT, Ducky One 2 Mini, Durgod Taurus K320, Redragon K552, or Keychron K6 with a loud clicky switch such as the Cherry MX Blue or Kailh BOX White switch.

What is a Thocky keyboard?

Not keycaps, not switch types, but sound. And if you get it just right, the sound draws you in to its rhythm, its beat. Taeha Kim, the beloved keyboard content creator, tells us that the keyboard world also calls it “thock,” in an attempt to come up with a word that captures that dream sound of the keystroke.

What keyboard did Tfue use?

Tfue uses a Taeha Types Keycult. The Taeha Types Keycult that Tfue uses is custom-made, with a Fortnite-themed aesthetic. Outside of this aesthetic, the keyboard is slim and small, yet comfortable to use.

What keyboard does Ninja use?

Ninja currently uses the Ducky One 2 Mini RGB mechanical keyboard with most likely Cherry MX Red or Speed Silver switches, which is a compact 60% keyboard. He uses the stock keycaps with a red Enter key. Let’s take a look at the exact details of the Ducky One 2 Mini and why Ninja would pick this as his main keyboard.

What mouse is Tfue?

Tfue uses the Razer Viper Ultimate as his mouse of choice.

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