Are all SCX24 the same?

For the most part, under the hood (or body I guess) all the SCX24 models are the same. The electronics – motor, servo, receiver/ESC – are the same from vehicle to vehicle. The chassis rails, shocks, and axles are the same as well.

What scale is the SCX24?

The SCX24™ Deadbolt™ 4WD is the first Axial® off-roader in 1/24 scale. At less than 8″ long, it’s the perfect rig to take along on your hiking, camping, and other outdoor and indoor adventures — offering factory-assembled ease, scale looks, and confident handling on any trail.

How wide is SCX24?

Axial SCX24 Deadbolt Specs:

Height: 4.73″ (120.2mm) Length: 7.8″ (199.5mm) Width: 3.9″ (99.5mm) Ground Clearance: 1.06″ (27mm)

Are SCX24 waterproof?

According to the official Axial site and product description, the SCX24 is water resistant, but not waterproof.

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How do you widen a SCX24 wheelbase?

You can use the dead bolt rear links and driveshaft. It will give you a bit longer wheelbase.

Is the SCX24 Gladiator longer?

On the performance side, the SCX24 Jeep JT Gladiator features the same ladder-frame chassis and four-link suspension setup as other SCX24 models. To accommodate the longer body of the Gladiator, this SCX24 sports a 6.1″ wheelbase (compared to the 5.2″ wheelbase on the Jeep Wrangler model).

How long is a SCX24 c10?

220 mm

What size motor is in an axial SCX24?

Power is supplied by a Dynamite® 88T 030-size motor and 2S LiPo battery. A 3-channel 2.4GHz radio system is included for precise, dependable control.

What is the wheelbase of SCX24 gladiator?


Can a Gladiator handle 37s?

If you are planning on spending some real trail time with the Gladiator, then we highly recommend moving up to a 37-inch-tall tire. The Gladiator is very long and benefits great from a sizable lift and tall tires off-road. Hand’s down, if you want to hit more moderate trails, make the move to the 37 for sure.

What axle does Gladiator have?

2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport

It is equipped with a heavy-duty Dana 44 solid front and rear axles that deliver exceptional strength, durability, and performance.

Which Gladiator is best for off-road?

Four-Wheel Drive Is Standard

But if being a trail god is your thing, you can always opt for the Rubicon option for better off-road capability.

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