What is black when you get it riddle answer?

What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and grey when you throw it? Charcoal.

What goes black when you buy it?

Explanation: It is Charcoal which is black when we buy it or when not being used. It gets red in appearance when put in use means to say when burning.

What is black when you buy red?

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The hints are given in the question itself . The thing is black when we buy and it turns into red when we used . It means – “Charcoal“. Charcoal is a lightweight black substance that can be used as fuel.

What goes in the water black riddle?

The answer to the riddle is A lobster. Lobsters are naturally a dark blue/black in colour, when in the sea, but then it turns into the familiar pinky-red when plunged into a pot of scalding water.

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What goes to bed with shoes on?

Answer to What Always Goes to Bed with Shoes On? Riddle. The answer to this interesting riddle is a Horse.

What is made of water but dies?

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Ice is something that dies when put in water. Explanation: Ice, when put in water melts, which is made of water, when in liquid state. Water, which is in liquid state kept to freeze up, converts into solid state, Ice.

What goes into the water black it becomes red?

What goes in the water black and comes out red? This is one thing that fits the question, the lobster: (But only if you use boiling water.)

What is black when it’s clean and black when dirty?

Answer. Answer:A chalkboard (or blackboard). It’s solid black when clean, and as you write on it with white chalk it becomes dirty.

What is the answer to the black and white hat riddle?

Our Solution:

The man in front knew he was wearing a black hat because he knew the first man did not see two white hats and he knew that the second man did not see one white hat because if he saw a white hat, the second man would have known that his hat was black from hearing the first man’s statement.

What has 4 holes but can still hold water?

The answer is a sponge!

What gets wet?

The answer to What gets wet while Drying Riddle is A Bath Towel. As it dries other things or people while absorbing water, it gets wetter. See I’ve told you it is so simple and funny.

What can break without touching?

Explanation: A Promise” can be break, even if we never pick it up or touch it. Given: What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it? A Promise is a correct answer to this riddle.

What gets bigger and bigger?

The answer to this riddle is just one word. The correct answer is ‘HOLE‘. A hole in any kind of substance, may it be cloth, wall, wood or anything else, will only get bigger and bigger if you keep taking away more from it.

What can fly without wings?

The answer to the “what flies without wings” riddle is “time”.

What gets wet when drying?

The answer to the riddle is “a towel”.

It is a bath towel because the more it dries, the wetter it becomes. When the towel is used to dry other things or people, it keeps on getting wetter as it keeps absorbing the water.

What has legs but doesn’t walk?

What has four legs and one back but can’t walk? Chair.

Which bird Cannot walk?

Listen up, children, for some facts about hummingbirds. Hummingbirds cannot walk or hop, though they can use their feet to scoot sideways while perched. These birds have evolved smaller feet to be lighter for more efficient flying.

What has teeth but Cannot eat?

What has teeth but cannot eat? Comb.

What is hardest key to turn?

The answer to What is the hardest key to turn? Riddle is “Donkey.”

What kind of cup Cannot hold water?

The correct answer to What kind of cup doesn’t hold water? Riddle is “Cupcake“.

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