AUSPOS location map
AUSPOS location map showing Shinn and 2 Antarctic IGS stations

Omega Shinn GPS Expedition 2002

The following was written by John Dawson, the AUSPOS administrator at Geosciences Australia.

AUSPOS is an Internet based precise GPS processing service.  Exploiting the International GPS Service (IGS) data and products, AUSPOS can undertake remote location and high accuracy positioning with ultra-long GPS connections.  The combination of AUSPOS, the Internet and GPS technology means that GPS observations made using a single geodetic receiver can resolve centi-metre accurate coordinates.  When a user submits GPS data to the service, AUSPOS searches international GPS archives for simultaneously observed GPS data from the three closest IGS stations (three stations are used to improve accuracy and reliability) and downloads them. Simultaneously IGS precise orbits and other data sets are downloaded. A regional GPS solution is then executed on a powerful computer server located in Canberra, Australia. Precise coordinates are subsequently emailed to the user, typically within 15 minutes. AUSPOS can be used from any location where Internet access is available.

In the Mount Shinn processing, GPS data from McMurdo on Ross Island, Vesleskarvet at the South African station Sanae IV and Rio Grande in Argentina were utilised in the processing, with the distances from Mount Shinn being 2100km, 2250km and 2800km respectively.  A global geopotential model (EGM96) is used by AUSPOS to correct computed GPS heights to a Mean Sea Level (MSL) height system.  With over six hours of high quality geodetic GPS data observed on Mount Shinn an ultra precise coordinate was computed.
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The Mount Shinn GPS data was relatively noisy, most likely caused by the extreme atmospheric environment (ionosphere), the large distances to the nearest IGS stations and having to mount the antenna directly on ice (a highly reflective surface for GPS signals).  Despite these difficulties the precise height determination of Mt Shinn was a success.


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