Penguin researchers on Anvers Island
Penguin researchers on Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula

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The Omega Foundation 2002/2003 Antarctic Program Team arrives in Patriot Hills
Months of logistical preparation paid off when the 2002/2003 Antarctic Program Team landed at 78 degrees south aboard the Ilyushin 25 cargo plane.

The Omega Foundation opens a South American office in Punta Arenas, Chile
The Omega Foundation has announced the opening of its Punta Arenas office. This office will serve as a logistical operations center and will also provide lodging for personnel on Omega operated programs during Antarctic field seasons. In addition, Omega has leased an equipment storage facility.

Three Grants Made To Assist Cleanup Efforts in the Himalayas
The Omega Foundation has announced three individual and small team grants to help efforts to remove trash from the flanks of some of the highest mountains in the world.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology joins The Omega Foundation in development of weather probes designed to function in extreme cold temperatures
Design goals for this collaborative effort are to extend the functionality of currently deployed probes. Methods to extend useful life will also be considered.
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