Here are some Web links that may be of benefit to those interested in high altitude or high latitude research or education. This page is not intended to be a comprehensive listing but may provide a useful starting point for those looking for additional resources. They are in 4 categories:

Scientific, Governmental, Educational, and Logistical Resources.

Scientific Resources

Geoscience Australia’s AUSPOS program provides a free global GPS processing service.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the French space agency, (CNES) jointly administer the ARGOS program. The Argos DCS is a satellite-based data collection relay system that provides global coverage and platform location.

Toyocom manufactures reliable and accurate transmitters made for use with the ARGOS system.

The MIT Media Lab focuses on how electronic information overlaps with the everyday physical world. They developed weather probes for use on Omega-sponsored deployments on Mt. Everest and in Antarctica. This link to the Mt Everest project gives details on the weather probe design.


Trimble provides global positioning systems products and services.


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Governmental Resources

The NSF supports and funds polar research. See this site for grant making information.

The Chilean Antarctic Institute supports Antarctic scientific research, maintains a database, and has a spanish-language website with many educational resources.

This government site has much information of a general interest, as well as a data inventory and a publications list.

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Educational Resources provided popular coverage of Omega’s 1999 work and exposed antarctic research topics to a wide audience.

A good general-information newsletter about recent events in the Antarctic, gathered from world-wide sources.

This site offers basic information about glaciers and general science with lesson plans geared for high school students.
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This site gives good coverage of current expeditions in mostly polar regions.

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Logistical Resources

ALE took over operations from Adventure Network International, who was the first and the most experienced company transporting scientists and expeditions to Antarctica.

Aventuras Patagonicas is an international climbing guide service founded by UIAGM Mountain Guide Rodrigo Mujica. Rodrigo is a long time friend of the Foundation, and is a real pro. He guided us on our very first Antarctic expedition.