Peterman Island, Antarctic Peninsula
Peterman Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Environmental Improvement

 Numerous clean-up projects primarily in remote mountain ranges continue to be sponsored by the Foundation. We remain dedicated to this mission. We also believe that this mission needs a more central role in Antarctic projects that receive foundation grants. A major goal of the Foundation is to encourage development and application of renewable energy sources to provide the power for future field work, to the point that no fossil fuels are used at base camps.


Testing for pollutants at Camp 1, Mt. Everest
Studying airborne pollutants in snow at Camp 1, Mt. Everest
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Information on select Foundation supported projects can be found at the links below:

Mt. Everest Rongbuk Glacier Cleanup Expedition 2002
Shisha Pangma Cleanup Expedition 2001
Dhaulagiri Cleanup Expedition 2000


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