Map of Embree Glacier
Map of the Embree Glacier, northern Sentinel Range

Omega Embree Glacier Expedition 1999

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There continues to be an interest in doing all types of natural sciences research in Antarctica. It is uniquely suited as a natural laboratory, and is more recognized every year to play a major role in the global climate. Gathering data in Antarctica has historically been difficult and expensive. It is still difficult, but our 1999 field season demonstrated that data collection could be done affordably by independent researchers.
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The primary objective of the 1999 Field Season was to install portable weather probes in remote areas, have them transmit data to Argos satellites, and then process and view the weather data in near-real time. All aspects of the primary objective were accomplished.

Probes were installed at less cost than a 1998 recon suggested. Data was transmitted and received immediately. Software was developed that made real-time processing of data practical. The probes outlasted our most optimistic expectations for their useful life, and functioned well into the Antarctic winter.

The 1999 Field Season accomplished the goals defined by the 1998 Antarctic Independent Research Expedition. It left us feeling that the independent researcher could accomplish much more than we had previously thought possible. It suggested areas of improvement in equipment and data collection, should this work be carried forward in the future (recommended). And finally, it may serve as a model for other independent researchers who may be considering doing work in Antarctica.

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