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About The Omega Foundation

The Omega Foundation
is a private, operating foundation focusing on science, education, and environmental improvement projects in the remote areas of the world, with an emphasis on the Antarctic. Operating since 1997, the foundation has grown steadily in the number and scale of projects it supports each year.

The Foundation is dedicated to helping groups and individuals in their efforts to enhance scientific knowledge, improve the environment, and support education. In addition to operating our own programs, the Foundation often provides logistical and leadership support as well as monetary support to some grantees working in areas in which we have developed some expertise.

The Foundation pursues this mission by running its operations and making grants through three main programs:

  •  Antarctic Research. The Foundation is now in its fifth season of supporting scientific research ‚on the ice’. Our involvement here is expected to continue growing.

  • Environment Improvement. Numerous clean-up projects primarily in remote or heavy use mountain areas continue to be of interest to the foundation.

  • Educational Programs. This is a fairly new program of interest, but is conceived to potentially have the most lasting impact on our mission.

  • Other. The Foundation occasionally approves grants for projects outside the parameters described above. Most of these are for related work, and are all in high altitude or polar regions.