The Omega Foundation is a private, operating institution dedicated to promoting scientific research, education, and environmental protection, primarily in the high altitude and high latitude areas of earth.

Recent Announcements

New height for Mount Gardner!
The answer? Mount Gardner is 4573.4m, making it currently the 5th highest in Antarctica. More…

New height for Mount Craddock!
The Hi5 Team reaches the summit of Mt Craddock and is able to take GPS measurements for several hours. AUSPOS reduction of the data gives a new height of…14,327′ (4368m)! The old height was 15,252′ (4650m). This means Mt Craddock is no longer Antarctica’s 4th highest mountain. This puts it into 7th place! More…

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The Omega Foundation announces the 2005 Hi5 GPS Expedition.
In November and December 2005 the Omega Foundation will return to the Sentinel Range to climb and measure Antarctica’s highest mountains. This expedition is a continuation of Omega’s scientific work in Antarctica since 1998 and the Foundation’s fifth Antarctic GPS mapping expedition. More…

The Omega High Antarctic GPS Expedition 2004 is back at Patriot Hills after concluding an amazing amount of field work.
This was an extremely successful expedition that tested the endurance of both the team and the equipment. More…

The Omega Kids To The Ice Program is a success.
29 students (9 primary, 12 high school, and 8 university) and 9 teachers flew to King George Island on the Antarctic Peninsula courtesy of  The Omega Foundation.  These were top students, primarily in science, that had been selected for their excellent academic achievement. More…

The Omega High Antarctic GPS Expedition 2004 is at Vinson Base Camp beginning this season’s field work.
The high altitude work will take place on the Vinson Massif in November 2004. Refining the geography of this area is a natural progression from the Foundation’s work on Mt. Shinn in 2002.

New Height for Mt. Friesland!
On December 20th, The Omega Livingston Island GPS Expedition 2003  reached the summit of Mt Friesland, the highest peak on Livingston Island. Mounting a Trimble 5700 GPS receiver on the summit, we recorded  and produced a new, more accurate height figure for Friesland. The new height is ………….1700.20m!   More…

Base Camp established on Livingston Island
The Omega team arrived on November 28th with all gear and team members after 3 helicopter flights from King George Island. Testing of equipment will begin when the weather improves.

The Omega Foundation announces the Livingston Island GPS Expedition 2003 
Following the success of last year’s Omega Shinn GPS expedition, the Omega Foundation is sponsoring an expedition this year to Livingston Island, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. The aim is to ascend Mount Friesland and record it’s height by means of a Trimble 5700 GPS receiver. This and other information will be incorporated into a new map of the area.

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